My Favorite Quotes
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 Ed McComiskey - “He was in agony the whole time. I wasn't even aware of it, he just told me. I knew he had back problems but I had no idea how painful it was.”
 Ed McComiskey - “In the second half, they scored five goals against us and the wind was against them.”
 Ed McComiskey - “We started off the season slow. We were kind of in a rut for a while. I told the players we needed to come out of the winter break with a winning record. We've turned the corner and we're on the plus side going into the second half of the season, which is positive.”
 Ed McComiskey - “This just wasn't our night. We just didn't show up for this game and it happens sometimes.”
 Ed McComiskey - “It's a good way to measure how we're doing. They were dominating everybody they played.”
 Ed McComiskey - “I figured the game to come down to one play or to the end like it did. I just wish it had been the other way around.”
 Ed McComiskey - “We weren't used to that situation, so the less experienced player at the stopper position tended to hang back and Kern's replacement Eric Bowers tended to hang back and that meant the midfielders had to come back more and then we had too wide of a gap between our midfielders and our forwards and we couldn't overcome the Land O' Lakes midfielders. So we played good defense. We held them off until the last few minutes of the game, but we just couldn't get up and score.”
 Ed McComiskey - “Without Mike out there, everyone was staying back too much. We lost control of the midfield and couldn't get the ball to our offensive players.”
 Stephen W. Comiskey - “You can delegate authority, but not responsibility.”