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 The Committee - “The Committee continues to believe that, against the background of its long-run goals of price stability and sustainable economic growth and of the information currently available, the risks are weighted mainly toward conditions that may generate economic weakness in the foreseeable future,”
 The Committee - “should grow in proportion to increases in corporate profitability.”
 The Committee - “Notice of Intention to Seek the Death Penalty.”
 The Committee - “We all feel responsible ... but there was supposed to be peace,”
 The Committee - “Journalists have become extremely important democracy advocates and they will have impact beyond actually what we will see today,”
 The Committee - “The Committee should positively contribute to the path of reform and dialogue ensuring that all ethnic communities feel they have a political and economic stake in the country's development.”
 The Committee - “take leadership in sending out positive messages about asylum-seekers.”
 The Committee - “We are products of the NDDC Act and we intend to work for peace and development in the Niger Delta. Through our collaboration the work of the NDDC will be enhanced.”
 The Committee - “automatic scholarships to Niger Delta indigenes so as to give them higher levels of competence to enable them compete for higher level jobs in the petroleum industry.”
 The Committee - “president's allies will send our complaint to the graveyard at the latest on Wednesday unless we are able to come up with the magic 79 signatures to transmit it to the Senate for trial.”
 The Committee - “of one or more of the enumerated specifications .”
 The Committee - “knew what that meant.”
 The Committee - “We have modified it that so it's 200 percent across the board.”
 The Committee - “an article of impeachment shall not be divisible for the purpose of voting thereon at any time during the trial.”
 The Committee - “the President and directing the Secretary of State to transmit to the House of Representatives not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution all information in the possession of the President and the Secretary of State relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq.”
 The Committee - “Something happened that changed the priority assigned to the job search. On the morning of December 11, 1997, Judge Susan Webber Wright ordered President Clinton to provide information regarding any state or federal employee with whom he had, proposed, or sought sexual relations. To keep Ms. Lewinsky satisfied was now of critical importance.”
 The Committee - “immediate and thorough investigation.”
 The Committee - “not-so-subtle reminder that there was creativity before silicon chips. Creativity doesn't live in machines. It lives in people.”
 The Committee - “I am ready, willing, and would be honored to serve the citizens of San Juan County,”
 The Committee - “interior ministry services of resorting to torture and ransoming prisoners.”
 The Committee - “She had a vision and the commitment.”
 The Committee - “NDU, the premier center for joint professional military education, is under the direction of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The University is located at Ft. McNair in Washington, DC. NDUs Joint Forces Staff College is in Norfolk, Va. NDU is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.”
 The Committee - “There have been press reports of civil actions against your firm involving multi-million dollar settlements that occurred during the time you were either managing partner or president of the firm, about which the Committee would like to have more information.”
 The Committee - “Bribery.”
 The Committee - “The commission operates on the belief that some closures are inevitable. The marketplace is driving some changes and contractions, ... We're not going to change that.”

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