My Favorite Quotes
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 Doug Conaway - “It's been difficult and it did flare up. We thought we had it pretty well contained. You've got fire in an extremely enclosed, confined space, and the heat has no place to dissipate.”
 Doug Conaway - “There is nothing hidden here. I've wanted to move on for some time.”
 Doug Conaway - “The mine rescue teams are having a very difficult time with visibility. There's two to three feet (less than a meter) of visibility.”
 Tracy Conaway - “It's definitely homicide on all three, homicidal violence.”
 Doug Conaway - “I don't think we fully know the obstacles we're facing. How much smoke is there What are the difficulties of traversing through there”
 Mike Conaway - “Midland should compete very well with our better flying weather, higher number of training days and available housing right there at the airport. Nothing has to be built to start receiving trainees next April.”
 Mike Conaway - “The good news is that the physical mechanics of the '02 farm bill worked. However, the federal government in 2002 was experiencing surpluses, and that isn't the circumstance now. A different environment exists now for the 2007 farm bill to be created, and there is still uncertainty of what it will look like.”
 Tracy Conaway - “We can't rule out whether we have the homicide of the three folks or a murder suicide type thing.”
 Tracy Conaway - “I think it's kind of too bad if it disrupted the kids' day. Someone obviously had a point they wanted to make.”
 Doug Conaway - “It appears right now that the two miners were trying to make a valiant effort. They were together trying to get outside, and they encountered pretty high temperatures and high levels.”
 Mike Conaway - “For too long Tom DeLay has been the subject of a partisan witch hunt by Ronnie Earle and the media that has ultimately led to a distorted public image of assumed guilt.”
 Doug Conaway - “I don't think we fully know the obstacles we're facing. There's still a lot of this mine that we haven't been able to examine, and hopefully will be able to as soon as we can get that fire under control.”
 Doug Conaway - “We're making an effort here to contain the fire. We've seen it from a couple of different places but we don't know the extent of it. The teams are in the process now of trying to fight that fire and get it under control.”
 Mike Conaway - “It is imperative that Congress research and investigate rising gas prices, ... High gas prices have the potential to derail our economy. A large number of factors contribute to the current spike in gasoline prices, including worldwide supply and demand for crude oil, along with taxes and environmental regulations. This problem will require both long-term and short-term solutions. This task force will seek to identify and eliminate any federal barriers that are contributing to unnecessarily high prices in the short-run.”
 Mike Conaway - “We live in an instant-coffee world. Sometimes real-world solutions take a little longer.”