My Favorite Quotes
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 Cesar Conda - “That's really baffling in light of the economy's growth.”
 Cesar Conda - “Republican members are hearing from their constituents that any message on immigration has got to take into account concerns about the border.”
 Cesar Conda - “Investors, regardless of income, gender or race, vote more Republican than non-investors.”
 Cesar Conda - “They have been in recent weeks delegating lots of responsibility to other members of the senior staff. They've been preparing for it. There are lots of talented people there.”
 Cesar Conda - “Josh will be a policy-oriented chief of staff. I think that will be reflected in his hiring decisions.”
 Cesar Conda - “You had job creation last month across the board, so all of this suggests the labor market is deepening and broadening and I think that spells good news for the Republican Party going into the 2006 election.”
 Cesar Conda - “But I think the president is going to come out with some very ingenious policy initiatives, particularly in consumer-driven health care and energy independence.”
 Cesar Conda - “I think the White House is very frustrated. There's been good data on gross domestic product, employment and business spending, and even oil prices are receding. But it's not reflected in the polling data on Americans' views.”
 Cesar Conda - “In person, he holds his cards very close, even with his closest advisers. He doesn't speak up at meetings, doesn't let his views be known to other people, because he views his job as providing advice to one person, the president.”