My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard Conlin - “This is of critical importance as we move forward with the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement, ... especially for the West Seattle to downtown corridor.”
 Bob Conlin - “When you're upgrading a technology that involves an organization's payroll, there's a great deal of parallel testing that needs to be done. The dirty little secret in the EIM market is that on-premise solutions have been and continue to be very expensive to purchase and implement. That's because of the complexities that surround sales compensation plans. These tools are being asked to operate in extremely complex environments.”
 Richard Conlin - “This is a significant corridor for commuter and freight traffic. We're certain there will be a need for enhanced transit there over the next five years. We need to be assured strategies are in place to meet the growing need as it appears less and less likely there will be a monorail serving this corridor.”
 Richard Conlin - “They will still have to come up with a financing plan,”
 Bob Conlin - “If you have more complexity within your sales plan, a homegrown solution becomes difficult. So many people think sales plans are easy to do, but when you start talking about credit assignments, overlays, tier or ramped rates, and adjustments when products get returned, you're talking about a lot of variables. More times than not, a homegrown solution simply can't handle it.”
 Richard Conlin - “It's time to cost these out and see what it would take to make this happen.”
 Bob Conlin - “You can only model what you can measure. Without strong modeling and reporting, it's like trying to manage a black hole.”