My Favorite Quotes
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 John Connaughton - “The people who pay the highest income tax are also the most mobile. They simply leave North Carolina.”
 Sean Connaughton - “Obviously, the county has become increasingly diverse at the same time it has become increasingly affluent. We have become attractive to everyone, regardless of their race or ethnicity.”
 John Connaughton - “The service sector accounts for 37 of the jobs in the economy. 2.4 percent is the normal job growth, which amounts to about 100,000 jobs.”
 John Connaughton - “Over 60,000 finance sector jobs like banking have been added in the past three years. This is great.”
 Sean Connaughton - “There appears to have been a concerted effort to open the property up to development in order to create a crisis and cause the expenditure of millions of dollars in public money. You can't get away from the basic fact that this property had five years left of preservation.”
 James Connaughton - “Each country has already begun to identify a portfolio of actions to improve their energy security, reduce pollution and cut their greenhouse gases. What we are going to do with the partnership is find some alignment of those strategies so we can expand and promote investment in technologies that will help meet those goals.”
 James Connaughton - “Most of our pollution control in America will come through good old-fashioned Wall Street financing.”
 James Connaughton - “There's no physical border (between Canada and United States) when it comes to air.”
 Sean Connaughton - “They've coupled a homespun, humorous campaign with high-tech resources. You've got to give them credit. They know what they don't want, and they are willing to take the time and effort to organize and oppose it.”
 John Connaughton - “There's so much in the way of new things that are going on that are basically going to generate that kind of growth. All these things are going to lead to bigger TV contracts and bigger advertising and sponsorship numbers.”