My Favorite Quotes
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 Mitch McConnell - “We can't go to the donor conference ... and ask countries around the world to contribute in the form of grants if we have just decided to send a bill to Iraq, thereby encumbering their oil, which is their only resource, to pay us back in the future,”
 John O'Connell - “We took that as Holmes' saying that their big games were behind them. We were doing our scouting report, reading the St. Pete papers on the Internet and I'm glad he said it.”
 Mike O'Connell - “I still think he's a No. 1 defenseman. We consider him an offensively gifted defenseman who can play a lot of minutes.”
 John Connell - “It was opened up. Juan is a very generous player. He set up so many potential goals.”
 Mike O'Connell - “Charlie lives it. He lives and breathes it like I do. Like Harry does. Like our players do. It's a good thing.”
 Tim McConnell - “They have all the pieces of the puzzle. They have an inside game, good shooters and a good point guard to run the show. They're going to be tough to beat.”
 Thomas McConnell - “I was kind of nervous during the drum break. But I didn't mess up, so that was good.”
 John O'Connell - “They are ridiculously good. They're not unbeatable, but you see on ranking Web sites that their whole starting five is in the top 10 in their class. On paper, they are as strong as anybody in the state.”
 Jack O'Connell - “The growth targets by the federal government have doubled,”
 Michael O'Connell - “We had folks from the federal government, local government, as well as various state agencies come by and take a tour of it.”
 Mitch McConnell - “There's no question that the people of New York have to decide whether or not they think it's appropriate for someone from Arkansas to represent them in the Senate, ... And finally, there's the question of all the trips -- about 220,000 owed to the federal government for 11 trips to New York this year.”
 Tom O'Connell - “It is a bit worrying that prices took off again at the end of last year, having slowed to something like the growth in incomes. If that continues, it could leave us quite exposed.”
 John Connell - “Mike, he played his heart out. He and Juan both played great. I am proud of the way we played. Our guys stayed very positive.”
 Brian McConnell - “It's a momentous day for the sport and Winnipeg as well. It's history in the making and to have it come from a homegrown talent is just amazing.”
 John Connell - “As a team, we've got a lot of character. I'm very happy with that. They work hard and have a history of being good students. I feel very comfortable with this group of guys.”
 Kevin McConnell - “It's going to be big. I've heard estimates of 5,000 to 10,000 people going to be here. I don't think there will be an empty seat in the house. It's definitely the biggest game in our history.”
 Mitch McConnell - “I came home to Louisville about 10 days before Senator Lott stepped down, thinking I was going to have a nice holiday, and essentially never left the house after that, on the phone constantly. We were all calling each other,”
 Michael O'Connell - “I hope the fans will come back. It's a terrific game. It just depends on the city they're in.”
 Mitch McConnell - “I hope the president may have concluded that his comments about the legitimacy of the new president were inappropriate, ... I hope we don't hear that anymore.”
 Thomas McConnell - “This condo hotel thing -- those are really starting to pop up all over the place.”
 Jim O'Connell - “They pre-dated the motel. They don't have the amenities (of a full house). They're fairly bare bones.”
 Mitch McConnell - “I saw no evidence that the White House was involved in this.”
 Mike O'Connell - “A tryout never hurt anything. I talked to his agent and told him if Byron was interested in doing it, we'd be interested. I don't know what will come of it. We're just keeping options open.”
 Tom O'Connell - “Or they do it informally. That's OK for them, but it's not enough to prove to someone else your idea is viable.”
 John O'Connell - “The idea was take it to the hole and get fouled. With the foul situation and in double bonus, let's go to the hole and get fouled. The percentages were there for us. I never expected to run 14 seconds off the clock.”

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