My Favorite Quotes
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 Ray Conniff - “When I started out, all I did was play my trombone.”
 Ray Conniff - “If you believe in your art, and you love what you do, that energy will go out, and people will respond.”
 Ray Conniff - “I tell my friends about my conversations with my father - conversations with an artist.”
 Ray Conniff - “Don't make art for other artists or for 'intellectuals', make art for people - and if you can touch just one person in a lifetime and make a difference - you have succeeded.”
 Ray Conniff - “I went to the Paradise Restaurant on 49th Street and Broadway which was where they were playing, and I sat in.”
 Ray Conniff - “I sat in at every club in New York City, jamming with musicians, because it felt right - and because it felt right and we were having fun - the people dancing and sipping their drinks in the clubs felt it too and it made them smile.”
 Ray Conniff - “I didn't get paid. I didn't even care that I didn't get paid.”