My Favorite Quotes
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 Kent Conrad - “to give us their ideas and what they would recommend we do.”
 Kent Conrad - “It is unacceptable to give this industry special protection -- protection that has never been granted any other industry in our history.”
 Lee Conrad - “All of our goals for economic development in CrittendenCounty are tied to the legislative process in Frankfort, ... Knowing how to deal with the legislative andbureaucratic processes are key to this position.”
 Justin Conrad - “It was an eye-opener for me. That's when I truly realized that unless we did things differently, we were going to lose this golf tournament.”
 Justin Conrad - “I've lived here my whole life, and there's always been a tournament here. I cannot imagine a Greensboro without a golf tournament here. It's such a part of our identity.”
 Robin Conrad - “Private parties will be forced to pay for the cleanup of environmental damage caused by the federal government unless the courts step in.”
 Lauren Conrad - “Kristin -- no matter how much you hate her, she's always fun to hang out with.”
 Jimmy Conrad - “There is no rush. If you put a gun to my head, I could probably play this weekend. This season is a marathon, not a sprint.”
 Lee Conrad - “We expect announcements to start coming next week and continuing for the next three weeks after that. We're hearing anything up to about 10 percent across the board.”
 Kent Conrad - “President Bush is the most fiscally irresponsible President in our nation's history.”
 Kent Conrad - “If we prevail, this would have to go back to the House.”
 Kent Conrad - “When I went to Roosevelt grade school in Bismark, North Dakota, if you reduced spending by 39 and you reduced your income by 70, you were deeper in the hole, ... You've added to the deficit. You haven't reduced it.”
 Kent Conrad - “You don't need some whole new unfettered access to individual tax returns of people or of companies in order to figure out how the IRS is spending its money,”
 Kent Conrad - “He has the right kind of demeanor to be a judge. He listens to others and is not dogmatic,”
 Jimmy Conrad - “They sent me a letter. I wish I would have kept it. It said we'll let you try out if you get accepted to school. I didn't get accepted to school.”
 Joseph Conrad - “The sea-reach of the Thames stretched before us like the beginning of an interminable waterway. In the offing the sea and the sky were welded together without a joint, and in the luminous space the tanned sails of the barges drifting up with the tide seemed to stand still in red clusters of canvas sharply peaked, with gleams of varnished sprits.”
 Joseph Conrad - “. . . there is nothing more enticing, disenchanting, and enslaving than the life at sea.”
 Joseph Conrad - “His eyes were naturally heavy he had an air of having wallowed, fully dressed, all day on an unmade bed.”
 Joseph Conrad - “There is no credulity so eager and blind as the credulity of covetousness, which, in its universal extent, measures the moral misery and the intellectual destitution of mankind.”
 Joseph Conrad - “He was obeyed, yet he inspired neither love nor fear, nor even respect. He inspired uneasiness. That was it”
 Joseph Conrad - “But the truth was that he died from solitude, the enemy known but to few on this earth, and whom only the simplest of us are fit to withstand.”
 Joseph Conrad - “He remembered that she was pretty, and, more, that she had a special grace in the intimacy of life. She had the secret of individuality which excites--and escapes.”
 Joseph Conrad - “A man is a worker. If he is not that he is nothing.”
 Joseph Conrad - “It is respectable to have no illusions, and safe, and profitable and dull.”
 Joseph Conrad - “Words, as is well known, are the great foes of reality.”

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