My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Considine - “It's traditionally a time when you see quite a few disconnections, but we certainly try to minimize those.”
 Dan Considine - “Weather in December has been roughly about 20percent colder than normal. So, our guess right now is that the increase in the December bill will be more than the 27 percent that we forecast, simply because the weather has been so cold.”
 Dan Considine - “That's prohibited by law. Unlike retail gas stations, we cannot make a profit on gas.”
 Dan Considine - “It was a tough loss for us. It's hard to explain. The league is very competitive this year and on any given night almost anyone can win.”
 Dan Considine - “It was a very serious fire. Anytime you're burning hydrocarbons like this we're burning coal there's the potential for fire but it's not a common event.”
 Dan Considine - “A fire this size is not common. This is an unusual event.”