My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Constant - “I thought we moved the ball better tonight. This was a big one for us after three tough ones in a row. We needed to get a little momentum going into the districts.”
 Mark Constant - “I've always thought that Merrill had a lot of fat to trim. This is a fulfillment of those promises they made.”
 Mark Constant - “I don't think there's any major brokerage operating at 100 percent efficiency. It's just that Merrill has a little more room to scale back than some of the other firms, but I view that as an opportunity.”
 Jon Constant - “He had a lot of shots that went in and out. Generally for us, it's as he shoots that makes our team go. He kind of had an off night but he sure didn't have many during his career.”
 Jon Constant - “They're very quick. They gave us some problems, but we caused some problems for ourselves, too. We didn't handle some things very well. We had too many careless turnovers, too many rushed shots. We need to make better decisions.”
 Jon Constant - “They were going to make him work for everything in the second half. We missed a ton of free throws and a lot of lay-ups. We have to make shots when they take two guys to guard one.”
 Jon Constant - “We didn't do a good job of finishing the game. It was a tough loss for us, but I think that we learned from it. We've got to finish.”
 Jon Constant - “It's a tough loss. It's going to hurt for awhile. But the kids have to be resilient, the coaches have to be resilient. It's still early enough in the season where we can still perhaps make a run in the league. But we have to improve. We have to find ways to win games like this.”
 Jon Constant - “I thought our defense overall wasn't where it needed to be. We needed a good start tonight and we just didn't get that. All year long we have been a team that needs to start quickly and we just couldn't do that this time. Some of that is our fault and some of that is Mt. Pleasant doing a good job against us.”
 Jon Constant - “There it is. Tonight we showed better patience that we've shown and the kids feel good about it. Getting in the district finals on our floor, we're excited about that.”
 Mark Constant - “Mutual funds continue to be the most cost-effective means of investing.”
 Mark Constant - “If the Europeans do buy, it won't be now. A lot of the time they prefer to wait until the coast is clear instead of bottom tick the market.”