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 Barros Conti - “Gold equities have been under pressure for a couple of weeks now, along with the rest of the market. There's a couple of reasons for that. Gold has had a great run for the first six months of this year. Investors are now thinking that they have some profits in these stocks, so they're taking it and leaving it in cash.”
 Barros Conti - “The other thing is the redemption going on mutual and hedge funds due to declining stock valuations. We've seen a good level of liquidation recently where some of these funds that have been holding gold stocks are selling them to lock in profits. This kind of activity is still going to take a couple of days to unravel.”
 Al Visconti - “When I took the job it was like walking in a dark room because I had been at Mount Vernon for so long I didn't know anything else. The first day of practice I had three players in the gym, and to end the season like this is like a Hollywood movie.”
 Ken Bisconti - “Lotus Notes has 40,000 active customers across the world, and any idea that Notes is dead is a dead idea.”
 Ken Bisconti - “IBM recognizes that our customers need more than just email for their collaboration needs -- as a result, IBM has evolved Lotus Notes and Domino forward as an extensive platform built to meet the business objectives of a wide variety of corporate communities, including end-users, IT administrators, application developers and the CFOs office, ... Today, tens of thousands of customers are relying on Lotus Notes and Domino to help drive their overall business, so weve built Lotus Notes and Domino 7 with capabilities that can increase productivity from the organizational level down to individual knowledge workers.”
 Bill Conti - “There's a higher place that I have no illusions about reaching. There's a sophistication and aesthetic about composers who only write only for the music's sake.”
 Al Visconti - “I'd be a pretty lousy coach if my team didn't get any better, wouldn't I It just took time.”
 Guy Conti - “He's finally started making progress the last two times out. He not there, but I saw signs today. He's going to get there. But he was that good without facing big-league hitters. The Orioles had to be scratching their heads.”
 Ken Bisconti - “Businesses are beginning to demand systems using converged audio and PC-based collaboration tools. Our collaboration with Siemens and others enables firms to seamlessly transition between email, message, web conferencing and phone conversations, without having to replace their existing IT infrastructures.”
 Joseph Conti - “The victim apparently removed a packet of the heroin-cocaine mixture that the defendant had placed in the same pocket that contained the candy,”
 Guy Conti - “Wait until it warms up. He's a feel pitcher. He feels the ball. When he feels the humidity on the ball, look out, because now he can put it where he wants it. His arm is in real good shape, but the feel of his pitches isn't there yet. When it gets there, he's going to be striking out 10 or 12 guys.”
 Marc Conti - “All we can do coaching wise is tell them to take (a pitch) so we don't give them easy outs.”
 Al Visconti - “It was 30 years ago and you still don't forget. It's like a delicious steak in front of you and someone comes in and says you can't have a bite.”
 Marc Conti - “People will start to believe in us. We're going to open some eyes.”
 Barros Conti - “Gold has shown a knee-jerk reaction to the events over the last two days. It closed up to the better side. The commodity had been under some pressure lately, especially with a strong dollar. People tend to look at other hedges in times of inflation. Unfortunately, gold usually reacts to these kinds of crises.”
 Al Visconti - “To the people out there who vote on budgets They took away something real precious. Like Whitney Houston says, children are our future, and if we don't support education and athletics is a part of that then what will we have in the future”
 Ken Bisconti - “Web-centric computing is less expensive compared to Office and Vista because we can provision new components, and using applications from the server based on an individual's role in an organization reduces the cost of deploying apps.”
 Marc Conti - “We just want the kids to play as hard as they can. It doesn't matter if we're playing the New York Yankees or the Bad News Bears. We can't let the opponent affect the way we play. Anybody who comes in here is going to want to beat us.”
 Bill Conti - “Music is anti-intellectual. It's non-literal, and you have to find out what makes the director happy. You want to let someone hear what you're thinking about. Because if you get to the stage, and the director says I wasn't thinking like that, then your score won't be in the movie.”
 Bill Conti - “Mozart's job classification was to write music, which he did for ballets and operas. He got paid to do that, and taught on the side. He wasn't a waiter. He didn't sell mutual funds. Those are all noble professions, but if you want to be a professional composer, then you're writing dramatic music for film and television.”
 Barros Conti - “Many exploration projects require a gold price of 350 or higher to be profitable, and I believe that larger companies will look to grow through acquisitions of other smaller companies which are making money, have mines, and ongoing projects. The trend will continue.”
 Bill Conti - “In the back of your mind, when you say you want to write music for the movies, you're saying that you want a big house, a big car and a boat. If you just wanted to write music, you could live in Kansas and do it.”
 Al Visconti - “I've been telling the kids all season about my two 'E' words energy and enthusiasm. When we play with energy and enthusiasm, this is what's going to happen.”
 Ken Bisconti - “The current plan is to end support in January 2002,”
 Luke Visconti - “It would be silly to say that diversity directly affects stock price. But what does affect stock price is good corporate governance, and diversity certainly is a part of that.”

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