My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Coody - “If I were to play another, 160 would be a good score. It's just time to quit.”
 Charles Coody - “Well, it's gotten me a lot of times before.”
 Charles Coody - “Y'all may know, this is my last (Masters). It feels good to walk off having played a respectable round.”
 Charles Coody - “We have two wonderful charities.”
 Charles Coody - “I think they accomplished that. All the players are hitting the same irons they did 20 or 30 years ago.”
 Charles Coody - “Yesterday I played poorly. And today I played well.”
 Charles Coody - “I have a lot or respect for the tournament. That's one reason I won't play anymore. I won't embarrass the tournament. Yesterday I embarrassed myself. I'm glad I got out with a decent round today.”
 Charles Coody - “The best opportunity that could ever have happened is with four days of perfect weather. A day like today, even if it was 25 years ago, one round in the 60s would have been a tremendous score.”
 Charles Coody - “I called him. For the next four or five days, if I'd seen him, I'd have punched him in the nose.”
 Charles Coody - “I know I'm not competitive, but that was totally uncalled for. If I'd seen him the next four or five days, I'd have punched him right in the nose.”
 Detective Coody - “The vast majority of them were found hidden up in the trees.”
 Charles Coody - “This is my last one, so it feels good to play well. It's just time to quit. I have about eight par-5 holes out there.”
 Detective Coody - “It became evident to us that he really didn't care about the people he had in the truck with him. He was only concerned about himself.”