My Favorite Quotes
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 Jay Cooperider - “The Bermuda grass stock has risen. Everyone we talked to in Baltimore loved the grass and had not encountered any problems with it.”
 Jay Cooperider - “The touring group had never seen Bermuda grass in person. This way we could see exactly what surface we were considering.”
 Jay Cooperider - “It is good to know none of our programs have problems. But we are never perfect so we will continue to work to improve every sport.”
 Jay Cooperider - “We are essentially cloaking him with some guidance and letting him say his piece. And not letting the guy twist away in the wind.”
 Jay Cooperider - “I'll be real surprised if we have any Notre Dame tickets left Tuesday night.”
 Jay Cooperider - “The decision is not being made based on money. We are making the decision based on the football team's best interest.”
 Jay Cooperider - “One of the privileges of helping to pay for this massive project is you can order beer.”