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 John Corcoran - “In all of Internet history, I can't recall any deals that have been scuttled by the FTC. The FTC has only a of couple teeth left, but it's used them recently.”
 John Corcoran - “In all of Internet history, I can't recall any deals that have been scuttled by the FTC, ... The FTC has only a of couple teeth left, but it's used them recently.”
 Tim Corcoran - “They said it was bad, then they said it wasn't as bad as they thought, and it is as bad as they thought.”
 Nicole Corcoran - “I'm not sure on the time frame, but they agree that they need a package sooner rather than later.”
 John Corcoran - “The ones that weren't playing were trying to pump up their teammates and it just all came together today.”
 Brian Corcoran - “Tim had a real nice race for us today. If we can do that at the big meets, we will do very well.”
 Brian Corcoran - “The boys ran very well today. We're still working on our compression for our one through five runners.”
 Nicole Corcoran - “We trust the Board of Healing Arts conducted a thorough investigation in this matter and we have no further comment.”
 John Corcoran - “Although unions serve an important function in some industries, we have always maintained that our employees don't need union representation. We believe all of our employees receive fair wage and superb benefits.”
 Danny Corcoran - “It will be something special and, obviously, having the fastest man in the world compete is a huge coup.”
 John Corcoran - “I was just ecstatic. We've set a lot of goals throughout the years and this is one we've never attained in my 14 years of coaching,”
 Lance Corcoran - “What is really sad is he had an incredible opportunity to lead this department in a new direction, but he chose to alienate people.”
 Brian Corcoran - “She was excited with her performance as this was really the first time she pushed herself this season. She knows she has the opportunity to place highly in the state based upon her current fitness.”
 John Corcoran - “This was not a big surprise. The events of Sept. 11 give ( AOL ) the opportunity to make this announcement.”
 Howard Corcoran - “They have almost totally revamped their football field, but the construction work around the high school might cause too many parking problems for them to make a bid this time.”
 Brian Corcoran - “Casey has been a great key for us. She came in this season and we thought maybe she'd make varsity and now she's running in our top five. She has made a drastic improvement.”
 Nicole Corcoran - “This was an issue update on education. This was an e-mail that was sent out. It was a new, electronic way to get a message out. Actually, we look forward to some guidelines from the ethics commission on something that's totally new. No one has addressed what's OK with an e-mail, what's OK with a link to a Web site.”
 John Corcoran - “Everything has to go your way. There has to be sometimes a little bit of luck, and sometimes the draw. There's a lot of factors, but we hope that we're in position to make a run and be in the top few.”
 John Corcoran - “The drum beat is not as loud and fast as it was two to three weeks ago. I think it's about time. I love making sales, but I hate to see the market go up superficially.”
 Howard Corcoran - “You can only do the best you can. We set the benchmark and everyone is trying to catch up with us. Athletes are treated with respect and professionalism. Nobody does it like Wheeling does. Wheeling is a great place to live.”
 John Corcoran - “Our kids had to play great tennis in order to win today, and so far I think they've done it.”
 Nicole Corcoran - “At this time, it's probably most useful to encourage that discussion to continue rather than weighing in on every possible proposal.”
 Nicole Corcoran - “She'll review it but with workers comp rates the seventh-lowest in the country, it sure doesn't seem like it's something we need here.”
 Howard Corcoran - “We have one of the best playing fields in the country. So far this fall, the field was used 88 times. It went from 13 to 88 in just the fall. ... It went from mud to state-of-the-art grass.”
 John Corcoran - “I think the Street's probably a little surprised that Dick Parsons is going to be the CEO. Bob Pitman is very well respected. But when you drill down, Dick really runs all their content operations. Content will become more important to AOL Time Warner going forward.”

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