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 Awilda Cordero - “She's going to be looking like the little girl making her first Communion that she should have been.”
 Awilda Cordero - “She wants to put them in a good home and try to give them all the loving of a grandmother. She said she already lost one. All she can do now is what's best for these kids.”
 Chad Cordero - “If we lost this game, we might be done, ... It shows we can battle back. If feels good whenever I get chances to be successful.”
 Chad Cordero - “Everything was working. My fastball felt good, I was able to throw it with velocity, and my slider was working well. It got away from me once, but other than that, I felt it was working good.”
 Francisco Cordero - “I want to go, but I want to be smart about it. Throwing 30 pitches is not going to be good for me. Maybe I'll pitch one inning and do a good job.”
 Chad Cordero - “We're all excited to get going. We had a lot going on in spring training. It feels good to know the season is finally here.”
 Francisco Cordero - “It's so disappointing. I'm thinking about watching the game with some friends or maybe just heading back to the hotel and watching there. I'm just a fan for the day.”
 Kimberly Cordero - “An inspector determined the house was unsanitary because there was dog feces and urine throughout the house.”
 Chad Cordero - “I toss a ball into the stands whenever I'm (catching) balls in the outfield in pre-game warm-ups. Just to see their faces when they get it, it's awesome, it's great.”
 Chad Cordero - “I never thought I would do what I did last year. This year it's a lot different. I know my role, but I've still got to go out there and work hard and battle and show that last year wasn't a fluke.”
 Chad Cordero - “I did stuff I thought I'd never do, ... It was totally unexpected.”
 Chad Cordero - “I never thought I could do this. Who knew I could do this Not me. I just go after the hitters and try to learn something every day. I haven't been fancy these last couple of weeks. Throwing just fastballs.”
 Francisco Cordero - “I'm going through a really tough time, but I'm know that I'm a better pitcher than I'm showing right now. I'm thinking positive. I'm sure this is going to end and I'm going to have a great season.”
 Francisco Cordero - “It just seems like every time, it's just one pitch.”
 Francisco Cordero - “I pitched with a different glove today, I cut my hair a little bit, I'm trying anything I think is going to work.”
 Chad Cordero - “All the guys went out there today and battled all day, and I throw one inning and I blow it. I just want to throw stuff. I'm just upset.”
 Chad Cordero - “Both came on fastballs, the pitch Cordero has ridden to a franchise-record 44 saves. All the guys went out there today and battled all day, and I throw one inning and I blow it, ... I just want to throw stuff. I'm just upset.”
 Kimberly Cordero - “In the Mount Vernon case, you couldn't even walk into the house without a bio suit. With this Ly's house, yeah it was pretty smelly but you didn't need a bio suit to go in there.”
 Chad Cordero - “I don't have that overpowering pitch. I've got to stay low in the (strike) zone and get ground balls and weak fly balls.”
 Francisco Cordero - “It's looking good so far. This is my second outing. The first outing felt pretty good, today I felt even better. I'm getting closer. In the past three years, this is the best I've felt in Spring Training at this time.”
 Francisco Cordero - “I wanted to see how that felt, and that helped a little bit. I feel pretty good. There's no pain, just more stress from traveling. It's a little far from the Dominican to Arizona, but I think I'm OK. The last time I played catch I felt fine.”
 Francisco Cordero - “I feel pretty good. There's no pain, just more stress from traveling.”
 Chad Cordero - “A lot more people notice me. I was at the MGM Grand and someone noticed me out there. It was kind of weird.”
 Francisco Cordero - “I'm really in the middle. If I get the call, I'd think about it, really think about it. So far nothing has happened. If they called, I'd talk to the manager and the general manager.”
 Chad Cordero - “Cordero had appeared in 72 games. When asked if all the work was wearing on him, he said... It could be. You always get tired. That's no excuse. I still got to go out there and make the pitches. Being tired is no excuse.”

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