My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Cordes - “As a child, a great day is defined by what you get. As an adult a great day is defined by what you give.”
 John Cordes - “I hope this gives us a little momentum for the rest of our meets this week.”
 Paul Cordes - “If you only look at the damage, then you will get into depression. But on the other side, seeing people here and the helpers, there is hope for the future. It will take much time. It will take much time,”
 Paul Cordes - “Many were struck by ... poverty, at times shameful, in rich America,”
 John Cordes - “South Elgin is a first-year program with mostly sophomores and they struggled. It was all right to have an off night, but I am disappointed we didn't shoot better. Everyone has to pick it up a little.”
 Bill Cordes - “A lot of people make decisions on whether it will be fun, not whether it will be right. If a small percentage of people take a small stand in the right way, they can make a huge difference for the whole school.”
 Paul Cordes - “Everybody wants a clean, well-funded police department ... (and) good public schools. But will everybody go (into the voting booth) and do what's right on the assessor”
 Bill Cordes - “We are excited about the opportunity to own 100 percent of the existing Guardian pipeline as well as the opportunity to build, own and operate Guardian's expansion and extension to Green Bay. Consolidating Guardian's ownership adds strategic benefits to the Partnership as well as significant fee-based revenue under long-term contracts. As we move forward with this project, we are pleased to be a part of new pipeline infrastructure that will provide natural gas customers in Wisconsin with the necessary choices to support growth and competition.”
 Paul Cordes - “a sign from the pope that he'd like to be close to you and show his compassion.”