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 Anthony Cordesman - “The figures vastly overestimate the actual area of influence and are at least as meaningless as the worst reporting on pacification in Vietnam.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “Obviously every time you get a weakening of the coalition, it highlights the lack of international support for the U.S. mission.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “The problem with the speeches is they get gradually more realistic, but they are still exercises in spin. They don't outline the risks. They don't create a climate where people trust what's being said.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “Ulster (Northern Ireland) and the Balkans have already shown how difficult it is to split cities, and with Iraq's centralized and failing infrastructure, and impoverished economy, violence and economics cannot be separated.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “It's going to be 'Let's Make a Deal. The important thing in some ways was that there was a large vote. The concerns that it would fall along ethnic and sectarian lines were validated.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “You can both vote and hold a rifle.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “The Yemeni central government has done what it can, but it is very weak. It is not a matter of the government not trying. But there are limits to it can do.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “The question is, what does victory mean It certainly isn't the number of people we kill or detain,”
 Anthony Cordesman - “If the polls weren't negative, these demonstrations would not matter. They are and that helps make them a media magnet. Looking back at Vietnam, however, it's demonstrations in thousands and tens of thousands that ultimately matter.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “How much of the battle space can the Iraqi forces take over, and who is actually doing the fighting - those are the key measurements. The measure cannot be the elimination of the insurgency, as desirable as that would be. You cannot eliminate all of the bombings.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “The best thing we can do is to make sure that our training helps them to create truly national military forces and truly national police forces because that then takes away any sense that one needs militias to provide security.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “The problem is people don't live on economic statistics.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “Our peace efforts are perceived throughout the region and Iraq as weak and dishonest and the United States is viewed as little more than Israel's proxy.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “By any historical standards the casualties are incredibly low. But America has changed. On the one hand, Americans don't have the stakes where their sons and daughters were subject to the draft. On the other, we have a media and a people that have been educated to believe in a precision, almost bloodless form of war.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “It' going to take time for this political process to unfold. Coalitions can take a long time to form, and delay isn't necessarily an indication of failure.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “America and its allies face many risks and problems in Iraq, but it is all too easy to snatch defeat from the jaws of uncertainty.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “will end in snatching defeat from the jaws of uncertainty.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “Serving soldiers develop a tremendous sense of obligation to their comrades, and are trained to see the mission through. They know the military and the risk, and they have already chosen to serve their country.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “Having a country stay in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty that effectively is proceeding to defy it doesn't necessarily strengthen the treaty.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “People with antiwar views will see this as confirmation of all their conspiracy theories about the war. And that's at least partly because the government didn't get its facts straight.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “It's almost a creeping polarization of Iraq along ethnic and sectarian lines, We see a slow, steady loss of confidence, a growing process of distrust.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “I am somewhat surprised when I hear statements from people at the political level that the insurgency is somehow declining when the command inside Iraq says just the opposite,”
 Anthony Cordesman - “We need to understand that this is a warning, ... Over the next few months we're going to see a referendum on a constitution that's going to trigger more debates on Shiite identity ... The idea that the constitution or referendum is going to clear this up is unrealistic.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “If they succeed in creating an inclusive structure in virtually any peaceful form, Iraq succeeds. If they fail, the U.S.-led coalition fails almost regardless of its military success and that of the new Iraqi forces, and Iraq will move towards division, paralysis, civil conflict andor a new strongman.”
 Anthony Cordesman - “What could tear things apart is a strong civil war.”

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