My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Cordingley - “Public health systems now, where there's the money, are much, much better.”
 Peter Cordingley - “This is a terrible tragedy and we will do all that we can to help.”
 Peter Cordingley - “The fact that we've now had human cases in Indonesia certainly makes us think again about the possibility we'll see human cases in China.”
 Peter Cordingley - “Every single human infection that is reported is a cause for concern and the threat of a bird flu pandemic grows from month to month.”
 Peter Cordingley - “Even in Hong Kong, where awareness about avian influenza is high, there are still incidents of inappropriate behavior. Chickens imported from China are subject to rigorous health checks, and smuggling them into Hong Kong without these checks poses a health threat.”
 Peter Cordingley - “There's a lot of anxiety (in Europe). The result of this could be that governments might focus on domestic preparedness and forget the fact that ground zero is Southeast Asia.”
 Peter Cordingley - “I think one of the things the Malaysian authorities will be looking at is the issue of the smuggling of fighting cocks. These animals are one of the 'silent' issues that have not been fully investigated.”