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 Dick Corn - “That was a war. This is one of those games that it's a shame somebody has to lose. Both teams deserved to win. It was quite a contest, and there were two good teams out on the floor tonight.”
 Ray Corn - “Everyone wants to win. This is a good field of teams. This is going to be an exciting event. I personally believe it's a toss up.”
 Robert Corn - “He was very ginger in practice (earlier in the week). But he played through it. ... And this is the kind of injury that would put a lot of players out for two or three weeks.”
 Dick Corn - “Late in the ballgame we did a real good job of attacking their zone.”
 Dick Corn - “I thought in the second half, we guarded better than we did in the first half and didn't have as many turnovers. It may have worn them down a little bit. I think our depth probably was a factor in the game also.”
 Dick Corn - “The second half, the reason I'd like the think for that was we did a better job of guarding the perimeter. The second half I thought we got to the perimeter guys a little better.”
 Dick Corn - “Even though we never came up with one of those big runs. I thought we made enough of those five and six point spurts to keep a decent cushion.”
 Ray Corn - “No, it doesn't (feel like we had our highest score). And I think the girls feel like that, also. I thought they competed very, very well tonight, (but) we just weren't as sharp as I would have expected to be. We still need to work on our landings on vault. We work on it every day.”
 Dick Corn - “I actually thought he played pretty well for a guy who had one practice under his belt. I think that has to be a boost for our team.”
 Dick Corn - “(Sparta is) a much better team than they were the last time we played them. They take the ball inside, and they guard well. ... This was a much closer game than the score indicates.”
 Robert Corn - “If we have any hopes of getting to Kansas City (the MIAA Postseason Tournament), this is a huge blow to us. This is about the time of year that we turned it around last year, but time is running out on us.”
 Robert Corn - “Dan had good production (including eight rebounds), but we had to limit his time because of foul trouble. All three of our centers fouled out.”
 Faith Popcorn - “People are getting nervous about pharmaceuticals. If it's food, people trust it more. And people are also so happy to hear that something they love to eat is also good for them.”
 Faith Popcorn - “Eighty percent of the consumer dollar is controlled by women, and women earn 4.4 trillion a year,”
 Robert Corn - “Ryerson (who guarded Jackson) played one heck of a game. He did a good job of guarding Jackson. You don't stop a player like Eddie and he made him (Ryerson) work.”
 Robert Corn - “This used to be a place where teams feared to come in and as soon as they took the floor they felt like they weren't going to win. We've lost that the last couple of years so that's a disappointing thing.”
 Lauren Alcorn - “I wanted closure. And for him to thank me for being so loyal to him over the years. Instead he stood up and asked me if I wanted to see his penis.”
 Ray Corn - “It's an opportunity to erase the disappointments of this year. ... It certainly would be nice to win it.”
 Robert Corn - “Dale Hunter, in my opinion, has given us the best effort on the floor the last two games. He has given as a great effort out there, and has deserved the right to start. And I told him he will get that start in the next game. Who those other four guys will be We will find out.”
 Robert Corn - “When a team shoots the ball like that it just makes it very difficult. We just did a poor job of number one, sustaining any intensity, and then we did a poor job of defending them.”
 Robert Corn - “That's the tale of our season. Those are the games that make or break your season and we've had way too many of them.”
 Ray Corn - “The same people are the ones going out their banging it out every meet. Maybe we have too many people standing around and watching. We need to make some changes.”
 Faith Popcorn - “It's just like you don't want to believe you have to talk to your wife in a different way. She's supposed to understand you, ... Listen to the language of the female and talk to her in her language. Give her what she thinks is important, not what you think is important. Who wouldn't like that”
 Dick Corn - “I told the kids you will not find a better environment to play in than the one they're going to play in (Friday) night. It will be electric.”
 Dick Corn - “This is a heck of a win for these kids. They executed everything that they needed to do, nearly to perfection.”

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