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 Jono Cornelius - “My curveball was actually a strike about 80 percent of the time. The umpire had a high zone and I think that helped me a little.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “I think it's a virtual certainty that the low turnout this time around will be used by opponents to say this was a misbegotten project that never should have happened in the first place.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “It's a rational way to reduce your risk. Most of them are getting caught at least once in the San Diego sector, but it is a more attractive option for many. The smugglers have obviously made that calculation too, that people are more willing to be smuggled through the San Diego sector than through the Arizona desert.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “At most, would-be migrants and the people-smugglers who assist them find these groups to be a fleeting obstacle that they can easily detour around.”
 Brittany Cornelius - “All night, I didn't think I was taking the ball in as hard as I should. But that one I took it hard. I put it high on the board and got it over her.”
 Don Cornelius - “I figured as long as the music stayed hot and important and good, that there would always be a reason for 'Soul Train.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “We've made it much more costly and risky to come and go crossing the border, and because of that we make it more likely (undocumented immigrants) will spend a longer time in the U.S. and settle permanently here.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “The process that was devised for casting a ballot was simply too cumbersome, too time-consuming, and involved dealing with too many government agencies to make it a usable process.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “The overwhelming majority would go one way or another.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “How many Americans would ever vote if they had to go in person to some government office, obtain an application, fill it out, go to a post office and return it by registered mail”
 Don Cornelius - “It's always a pleasure to find something that matters.”
 Jono Cornelius - “Coach has been around for a long time. We definitely need to listen to what he says. He's telling the truth. He doesn't want to see us go against a team with a worse record and not perform.”
 Jono Cornelius - “Coach has been around for a long time. We definitely need to listen to what he says. He's telling the truth. He doesn't want to see us go against a team with a worse record and not perform.”
 Brittany Cornelius - “In the first half they were playing a zone and we were tearing it up. When they came out in a man (defense) in the second half, we had to adjust.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “Vigilante groups are bit players in the current immigration debate.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “You can't legislate away the demand that this country has for immigrant workers. Too many businesses in too many industries have become dependent on this source of labor.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “Local politicians are catering to the conservative Republicans in the electorate, who are far more likely to support restrictive immigration policies than Democrats, independents, or the general public.”
 Eric Cornelius - “It's clear they want to reduce the number of routes to meet their budget, without worrying about anything else.”
 James Cornelius - “It appropriately reflects the business challenges we have experienced in this period,”
 James Cornelius - “This investment represents an extraordinary opportunity to position Guidant for leadership in the 3 billion global business for (cardiac rhythm management) devices, which we believe will be driven both demographically and technologically to increase significantly over the next few years,”
 Eric Cornelius - “We'd rather see a system with a fixed daily rate, based on the distance covered and the average number of learners carried.”
 Don Cornelius - “We can't make it important to anybody else. Some of the audience we serve doesn't really care about what you did yesterday and you have to be cognizant of that ... But it's important to us.”
 Wayne Cornelius - “It's unfortunate, because people who were against the absentee ballot in the first place will use this to say there isn't an adequate constituency for it in the immigrant community. They will use this as an argument for not improving the process to make it more user-friendly.”
 Don Cornelius - “We just seem to be surrounded on this anniversary show by all of our personal favorites. I have to say that in the first person, because they're my personal favorites.”
 James Cornelius - “This agreement with Johnson and Johnson provides significant financial value and certainty for shareholders.”

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