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 Rick Cornett - “We're really cornered. Nobody wants our season to end in three games. We just have to keep working.”
 Tim Cornett - “We looked at Sun, Linux and Novell. They didn't give us exactly what we needed. I like the single-vendor system.”
 Terry Cornett - “I kept telling her to keep it low. She's got kind of a natural rise, so I was just trying to get her to keep it low. She did. She knew what she was doing, she's pitched enough games so she knows what her limits are and what she can do and what she can't do.”
 Terry Cornett - “(Atchison) made a couple of blunders on the infield and we just got some timely hits from freshmen. I think the other girls were thinking if they can do it, it's time for me to step up. That helps.”
 Terry Cornett - “At the bottom of the batting order we had just as many hits there as we did in the top of the order. So that's a delight to have that happen. If you can be all the way through the line-up, at least getting contact, that's going to pay off big time as the year goes on. Everyone is going to get more sure of themselves. If you get seven and nine hitting that makes it awful tough. We had some good pokes today.”
 Terry Cornett - “One inning she walked a couple batters and loaded the bases with one out. Then she struck out the next two. She was really it today.”
 Judy Cornett - “It's just unimaginable what Susan's going through. I would never even want to walk in the shoes of this family.”
 Mick Cornett - “If this team is going to return to Oklahoma City next season, it needs to be because the city of New Orleans is not yet ready. We have not been negotiating for next year, and it wouldn't be appropriate to do so until they determine that they cannot play in New Orleans. And I haven't heard that word yet.”
 Mick Cornett - “It's extremely dry and about every other day it's extremely windy. You put those in a combination and it's a dangerous combination. I'm concerned it may get worse before it gets better.”
 Rob Cornett - “He had lots of friends. The problem was he had the wrong friends.”
 Dion Cornett - “When a resignation for 'family reasons' is announced that close to earnings, nine times out of 10 it means bad things. Red Hat didn't do a good job handling the news.”
 Rick Cornett - “Trying to hit the open man is something we work on in practice every day. If they make the hard cuts, you've got to reward them for it.”
 Rick Cornett - “Regardless of who we were going to play against, we were going to play strong and were determined to play well down there.”
 Rob Cornett - “I sure hope the school has a plan in place to get a coach for our kids' sake.”
 Dion Cornett - “We believe that our third quarter revenue growth places Red Hat among the fastest growing mid-cap technology companies in the world.”
 Dion Cornett - “Sun is ill equipped to be the low-cost hardware provider. It's the right move to move towards software.”
 Mick Cornett - “I've said all along, no way we would be in any competition with Louisiana. If the games can be played there (New Orleans), that's where they should be played. But if they couldn't be played there, I was very interested in trying to be a temporary relocation center for the team. This team is absolutely going back to New Orleans.”
 Judy Cornett - “We have got to put our foot down. And if our judges don't want to take responsibility and if they want to keep letting these people loose, then you know what, you're going to have more vigilante going on. You're going to have a lot of problems in this community and in this world if they keep letting these guys out. It's not getting better.”
 Rob Cornett - “He's got these beautiful girls saying hello to him. They're interested in how to talk to him, how to communicate with him.”
 Judy Cornett - “All these have a common denominator - all are brutal.”
 Terry Cornett - “That one was clear over the scoreboard. It was still going the last time I saw it.”
 Mick Cornett - “They made it clear that they liked what they saw and that our arena was appropriate for NBA games.”
 Mick Cornett - “We're growing, we've prospered and all we needed was just a chance. The old image of Oklahoma City being a minor-league city is outdated. We've always been a great place to live with low-cost housing, virtually no traffic congestion, fresh water and clear air. But we've never been perceived as a great place to vacation. All our positives started to mushroom up in the last 18 months.”
 Mick Cornett - “I walked out of there with the clear perception that there was really nothing in the city's future concerning the NBA. I've been trying all along to get a tenant for our sports arena. It was built for an NBA or NHL team.”
 Dion Cornett - “The software business is increasingly important for Sun. I do anticipate they'll continue to make acquisitions there. That needs to be part of the strategy.”

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