My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Corp - “Schwab is now focused on forging a new era of profitable growth by developing stronger relationships with our clients.”
 Charles Corp - “Chairman Levitt is advocating a responsible approach to investing. Whether you are investing via the Internet, over the telephone or in person, you need to understand your choices and risks before acting.”
 Charles Corp - “Our ongoing investments in people, technology and our brand may cause our profit margin for the second half of 1999 to move back towards the levels we've achieved in recent years.”
 Symantec Corp - “Active exploitation of this issue has been, and continues to be, observed. A primitive instant messenger worm has been observed that employs this vulnerability as a propagation vector. Additionally, there are reports that exploits for this issue are getting spammed to e-mail addresses. It is believed that exploitation of this issue will continue to increase.”
 Charles Corp - “While it's not the primary reason, because the number is not enormous, we look carefully at every penny and nickel we spend.”
 Symantec Corp - “Successful exploitation of this overflow condition could possibly allow a malicious attacker to create a denial of service disrupting backup systems or potentially allow execution of arbitrary code with elevated privileges on a targeted system.”
 Charles Corp - “Given rising public concerns over identity theft and cyber-fraud, we think adding a clear and simple guarantee will contribute to even greater peace of mind for our clients.”
 Symantec Corp - “An attacker may leverage these issues to carry out a denial-of-service attack or execute arbitrary code on an affected computer with the privileges of the user viewing a malicious image. An attacker may gain system privileges if an administrator views the malicious file. Local code execution may also facilitate a complete compromise.”
 Charles Corp - “It is really a wonderful thing. And as more people adapt to it, it's going to be a bigger thing.”