My Favorite Quotes
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 Marius Corpus - “Whether it was criminal, it is up to Department of Justice to decide because under the law, lack of foresight can be criminal.”
 Marius Corpus - “There is a possible criminal liability here because many people were killed.”
 Marius Corpus - “It's important to have a written contingency plan, so you will know how the police or other agencies will respond in a worst-case scenario.”
 Marius Corpus - “They ABS-CBN said they had a security plan but they don't have documents to show for it, which means there was no plan at all.”
 Marius Corpus - “The decision or act of offering so few tickets to so many people can be likened to throwing a small slice of meat to a hungry pack of wolves and this triggered the stampede.”
 Marius Corpus - “There were 30,000 people as of Friday. There was an emergency meeting among the show's staff and stadium personnel, but there was no plan to deal with the crowd. That is what we initially think.”