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 Andrea Corr - “I suppose it got more of an edgy feel, a little bit more guitar-orientated and also an Irish sound, which is in 'Forgiven, Not Forgotten,'”
 Caroline Corr - “We're not like, say, The Spice Girls. I'm not slagging them off as I think that they've got some great songs but they're more of an image band.”
 Caroline Corr - “We play our Irish songs a bit more loosely.”
 Caroline Corr - “We go in and I do my thing, and then we supplement it with whatever we want.”
 Caroline Corr - “There's actually 14 in our family, but we disowned the others.”
 Caroline Corr - “That tour we did in early '97, we did like 4 continents in 3 weeks. We were so jet lagged that it all canceled out. I am like an entire day behind.”
 Caroline Corr - “Sharon went on to play classical but we actually went into totally different instruments which was lucky for the band because otherwise we'd all be playing the same thing”
 Caroline Corr - “In Ireland, it's been like U2 and The Cranberries, which is rock, but you know they're Irish.”
 Caroline Corr - “I've always stayed pretty fit. I felt I needed to give myself energy by exercising and things like that.”
 Caroline Corr - “I really like to have a bit of direction, you know”
 Caroline Corr - “I love Cindy Blackman, I think she's an amazing player. And she's got the whole image going. It's simple, nothing crazy, but she's just really solid.”
 Caroline Corr - “I do like to look at female drummers, because I am one.”
 Caroline Corr - “But I do have an idea in my head before I go in about what I'm going to do.”
 Caroline Corr - “Actually, I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are.”
 Andrea Corr - “We're all the same. We all want the same thing in life. Everybody going around like ants and we all want the same thing. And it's not one queen. It's not one queen with the wings.”
 Andrea Corr - “I think everybody had difficulties with that dynamic, turning the family into a band and being constantly together. So everybody, as individuals. had things to sort out.”
 Caroline Corr - “When I was drumming with Mick Fleetwood I thought I looked half mad. I thought I looked half crazy.”
 Caroline Corr - “Well I had a musical background, but I still didn't know a lot about drums at the time.”
 Caroline Corr - “I listened to a lot of bands that were happening at the time, but no one in particular.”
 Caroline Corr - “Yes, we record practically everything on Pro Tools.”
 Andrea Corr - “Years go by and people are together, but there was an individual there for 26 years, or whatever, who was absolutely fine, coping without you.”
 Andrea Corr - “I hate people who splash their own pain on covers, like the whole world should hear about them. Why are we all supposed to be interested in one individual's suffering”
 Andrea Corr - “On the paparazzi I just want them to catch me with my dad and try to turn it into some 'handsome, mystery hunk'.”
 Caroline Corr - “We've worked very hard as a band and would like to think we've got this far on the strength of our music.”
 Caroline Corr - “We do it because we love to play music and that's what we're all about.”

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