My Favorite Quotes
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 Lauren Corrao - “The 2006 development slate is our largest yet and represents our determination to broaden our programming scope both in genre and talent, while continuing to appeal to our core viewers, those elusive young men. The emphasis during this development season was a real focus on creating great characters and distinct stories that will hook viewers and bring them back to the network day after day.”
 Lauren Corrao - “I loved sort of feeling like the fly on the wall, in terms of being a part of something that you know is going on in the comedy community on a regular basis and has such history.”
 Lauren Corrao - “We've wanted to be in business with this cast for a long time, and we've found the perfect setting.”
 Lauren Corrao - “We've been chasing David and Jon for years and it was worth the wait. After one of the funniest pitches we heard all year, they have delivered a pilot that's high in concept and hilarity. What other show on television features an animated premature baby superhero”
 Lauren Corrao - “Most projects that are developed for broadcast networks are not appropriate for Comedy Central in the sense (that) they're much too traditional and not for our audience, ... But once in a while, you find something that works.”
 Lauren Corrao - “This was premeditated, ... It's part of what we're calling multiplatform mania. The idea is to attack viewers from a number of different platforms so we can get behind the talent in a 360-degree way. People get their media and entertainment now from so many different places -- for us, this is a great way to market and build awareness for someone.”