My Favorite Quotes
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 Timothy Correa - “I learn ignominy when I reside in my measures as they give lie to my words.”
 Tom Correa - “When you give people extra outs and you hit the ball the way Kamehameha did, you'll get a lot of runs scored on you. They were clicking in all phases of the game. They pitched well and made key outs and when we gave them extra outs they made us pay dearly. You've got to be impressed with the way they swung the bats.”
 Timothy Correa - “Honor is the difference between taking responsibility and owning up to it.”
 Timothy Correa - “Only those without integrity demand respect.”
 Timothy Correa - “Narcissism coupled with Religion is Tyranny”
 Timothy Correa - “End of the world The world ends for many on a daily basis.”
 Cristina Correa - “There's more of a necessity to work with minorities, period.”
 Timothy Correa - “Being condescending is an unintelligent way to make yourself feel superior.”
 Timothy Correa - “Adjust your philosophy of First Impressions - You should know they're meaningless by now.”
 Cristina Correa - “Her parents were well-off. They both had good jobs, a nice place. They grabbed everybody and sent them back.”
 Timothy Correa - “Don't be so hard on your parents. One day, you'll have a child who will see everything that's wrong with you.”
 Timothy Correa - “Here's a trick to self-control Ask yourself a serious question from time to time - something you might otherwise lie about.”
 Cristina Correa - “My mom was already a U.S. citizen, and that made it easier for everybody else. But we were a family of laborers. We picked grapes, peaches, walnuts, almonds.”
 Timothy Correa - “Brotherhood is not only the engagement of serving one another it is the purpose of bettering one another.”
 Timothy Correa - “Oh brave new world, where mothers don't ask their children how their day was. Facebook and Twitter answered for them.”
 Timothy Correa - “For those who blame society, might I remind you what you are a member of”
 Tom Correa - “They'll be disciplined and fundamentally sound. We all learned baseball from the same guy.”
 Tom Correa - “In high school baseball, anything can happen. On any given day, if your performance is not up to par, anybody can beat you.”
 Tom Correa - “It's all in good fun. There's familiarity in how you play. There will be conventional baseball on both ends of the scale.”