My Favorite Quotes
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 Connie Correll - “The industry wasn't built around the government and historically hasn't been regulated by the government. It prides itself for not being beholden to Washington.”
 John Correll - “I've been fortunate to work in excellent school districts and have the experience working with different kinds of groups, including groups that were not happy with the school district. All those have gone pretty well. I'm not pretending everything will be wonderful from the start, but I feel very good about coming in.”
 Connie Correll - “IT issues don't necessarily break down ideologically. The middle of each party comes together and works together to get each issue done.”
 John Correll - “I've loved sports my entire life and I enjoy teaching my kids the right way to play the game.”
 Connie Correll - “The FTC's concerns about Internet privacy and the Microsoft case have made Washington more visible. The Microsoft case was a real awakening for people that the government does have an impact on your company.”
 John Correll - “I coached both of them last year and it was fun. They both listen they have no choice I'm probably a lot harder on them than the other players.”