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 Kevin Corrigan - “They're a very good team. They haven't gotten a lot of wins thus far, but they haven't not been in any games this year. We've seen video of their games this year, and they've played very good games and stayed right with their opponents.”
 Peggy Corrigan - “My husband got a call from the head of the local officials' association. There was also a lot of support from some gentlemen who were coaches when I officiated and were friends of ours.”
 Peggy Corrigan - “I did give it a try. I don't think I'd want to be a wrestler.”
 Chris Corrigan - “The Board strongly believes that, based on this offer, Patrick shareholders are better off without Toll in the medium and long term. Patrick has far superior businesses and significantly greater growth prospects relative to Toll.”
 Kevin Corrigan - “Steve did a terrific job last week, and we really hope that he can do it for us again this week.”
 Fritz Corrigan - “They have a lot of air, they can house 25 people, a full crew, for 36 hours, and they can release oxygen in these rooms. There are chairs, cots - this is not the Ritz - first-aid stuff, things that you would want to sustain life.”
 Chris Corrigan - “The bid is ill-conceived, poorly structured and offers Patrick shareholders a diluted interest in the high-quality businesses Toll wants.”
 Grace Corrigan - “Don't we all learn as we go Everybody learns from their mistakes.”
 Fritz Corrigan - “Our miners followed these procedures to the letter, and that's what saved them. They sealed themselves in (underground refuges) so they'd have clean air to breathe.”
 Grace Corrigan - “It was very upbeat and positive. It shows her having a good time.”
 Chris Corrigan - “The support for cleaning this up, I have to tell you, is overwhelming. And it is about time we got on with the job of cleaning up the waterfront and making it a productive place for all Australians.”
 Kevin Corrigan - “We played well at times, but we didn't relentlessly execute like we needed to. In the end, we were able to gather our poise and play hard down the stretch and pull out a win when we needed to. But I'd like to see us play more consistently than we have been over the full 40 minutes.”
 Maureen Corrigan - “My mailman and the UPS guy - I always have to tip them lavishly at holiday times, because they're carrying all these books every day,”
 Chris Corrigan - “Our long-term capital investment program in ports will move to a new phase next month with the opening in Brisbane of our world-first automated straddle carrier terminal,”
 Peggy Corrigan - “I was really shocked, very honored and very humbled. That was 30 years ago. I didn't really feel like I'd done anything special. I just did it because I loved it.”
 Grace Corrigan - “She left a fabulous legacy. It's making people feel good about themselves, making kids feel they're important, making teachers be proud of themselves.”
 Peggy Corrigan - “I really got into officiating to try and get things organized. I went to the state (officials) organization and began to put together a directory of officials, especially at the junior-high level. I think it gave a lot of new people a resource in how to get officials and how to get involved.”
 Chris Corrigan - “I imagine we'll start off with Great opportunity to come into a dysfunctional organisation, work for two shareholders who are at each other's throats, expect to receive the occasional barrage of emails and the odd derogatory, blasphemous phone message,”
 Chris Corrigan - “Now it turns out that this is considerably more money than these ferries actually make,”
 Chris Corrigan - “It's very difficult for me to make a judgement on that - it's a day-to-day proposition really, isn't it”
 Ernie Corrigan - “Cape Wind from the beginning has tried to avoid direct state oversight. It brings the state very clearly back into the picture, which is not what Cape Wind wants.”
 Ernie Corrigan - “A decision that is going to materially effect the Cape and the islands should be made in Massachusetts.”
 Fritz Corrigan - “Safety is a core part of our culture at Mosaic. Our actions today have demonstrated this.”
 Maureen Corrigan - “Reality TV, blogging and self-publishing are all evidence of a society's or culture's desire to be more public. And that's a sign of a healthy or energetic culture.”
 Chris Corrigan - “If (Toll chief Paul) Little isn't prepared to face us in the boardroom, we have no option but to meet him in court,”

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