My Favorite Quotes
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 Lorraine Corriveau - “Birds have carried several different influenza strains here in the United States for many years, but they usually do not cause problems in humans.”
 Lorraine Corriveau - “Rabbits like to play with toys and hop around outside of their cages. Owners just need to make sure that the area the rabbit plays in is bunny-proofed. Basically, (owners) need to make sure there is nothing around for the rabbit to chew on.”
 Lorraine Corriveau - “The first thing a person needs to do, before or immediately after purchasing a rabbit, is to talk to a veterinarian. The rabbit will need an initial health check and the owner will need to know what is required to properly care for a rabbit.”
 Lorraine Corriveau - “Around Easter, rabbits are just thought about more. Most people just don't realize that rabbits are a 10-year commitment and require just about as much care as any other pet.”
 Lorraine Corriveau - “Pet owners need to watch for clinical signs of respiratory problems and see their veterinarians if they spot any of the usual signs of a virus, such as runny eyes and nose or cough. Common viruses other than the flu can cause these signs in dogs, cats and birds. Many can be managed successfully in adult pets with proper supportive care.”
 Lorraine Corriveau - “The Centers for Disease Control has good information on its Web site. Overall, if you see a dead bird, don't pick it up.”
 Lorraine Corriveau - “Rabbits make wonderful pets, but they are a 10-year commitment. Like any other pet, they require attention.”