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 Martin Corry - “In terms of our progress, it is massively disappointing. Playing for England and losing hurts like hell.”
 Martin Corry - “The illness was there but we are not hiding behind it.”
 Martin Corry - “Each player should be treated as an individual. I said right from the start that I trusted Pat. I've spoken to Robinson and it won't become an issue between us.”
 Martin Corry - “Jonah is a massive name. He will provide a huge amount of interest in the game and Cardiff rugby,”
 John Corry - “He's still not interviewing other people he's still interviewing himself.”
 John Corry - “One of the glories of New York is its ethnic food, and only McDonald's and Burger King equalize us all.”
 Don Corry - “That was our best night foul shooting. We've been working on it all season. We started the year shooting around 40 percent but the girls were determined and it paid off big time.”
 Don Corry - “It was a hard-played game. Any time fouls are as lopsided as they were tonight, it's tough to get a win.”
 Stephen Corry - “India used to trade at a discount to the region, and now it trades at a slight premium. Earnings growth remains pretty solid, but it's starting to slow.”
 Kathy McCorry - “I think the greatest part of the event is people dressing up. It is so fun to watch everyone.”
 John Corry - “His voice is his great weapon. It is not an orator's voice. It is husky, and sometimes it fades to a whisper. Meanwhile, it is extraordinarily intimate. Mr Reagan does not speak to audiences he speaks to individuals.”
 John Corry - “He bullied, soothed and cajoled. In fact, he's awfully good at what he does, but how one wishes he didn't work quite so hard doing it.”
 Martin Corry - “We cannot allow another performance like that to happen. It was a very, very bad day and, as every one of us players has to admit, it was not acceptable. This is purely about us now. We have got one opportunity (against Ireland) to show our character.”
 Martin Corry - “We know as players that we underperformed in last year's Six Nations. The great thing about the Six Nations tournament is you do get an opportunity to put things right and that's what we've got this time around.”
 John Corry - “His words and music weren't just joined they were inseparably married.”
 Martin Corry - “We've got to take what we do at Twickenham out on the road. Winning away is the real measure of a side. We feel that we're building a head of steam. We won't try to kid ourselves that we're better than we are. I don't give two hoots who scores. Lawrence is a quality player who played a quality game.”
 John Corry - “Loneliness seems to have become the great American disease.”
 John Corry - “The stars are the great Gothic churches spires, naves, delicate flying buttresses, massive conventional buttresses, stained glass and grandeur, grandeur, grandeur.”
 Martin Corry - “Winning the championship is what we are setting out to do and we are playing Wales first up, which is great because they have got something we want. The first game of any championship is massive, not only to win the competition but also for your confidence.”
 Kathy McCorry - “We thought it could become a good opportunity for the community and the Chamber.”
 Stephen Corry - “China is generating wealth for a lot of people in Asia.”
 Stephen Corry - “Neil Lane needs to get out and see for himself how De Beers conducts business.”
 Martin Corry - “We have put so much emphasis all season on getting in the right shape and frame of mind at the business end of the season. We are at that now and we have to deliver.”
 Martin Corry - “In which case I'm only a week outside the 11-week rest period. As far as I'm concerned, I'm up for selection next week. I know my own body and, most importantly, I know when to listen to it.”
 Stephen Corry - “Would people still use the same demeaning language talking about European gypsies or immigrants It is fundamentally an old, 19th-century throwback to the idea that that these people are somehow like our ancestors, or backward. It conveys that they are somehow not as intelligent as we are that they haven't progressed as far as we have. It is fundamentally a colonial mentality.”

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