My Favorite Quotes
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 Troy Corser - “Last year, my aim was to win as many races as possible and I was a happy man at the end of the season because I had managed to win quite a few races. I have similar goals as we approach the first race of the new season.”
 Troy Corser - “It was one of those races where I could do a comfortable lap time. But when I tried to push a little harder in the last five laps, I couldn't do it.”
 Troy Corser - “The helmet has a slight tyre mark on the back of it, but I didn't lose consciousness and I've hit my head harder just in a normal crash.”
 Troy Corser - “Troy went past me but he went too deep...I just kept my line and ended up back in front. In the first race the front tyre was completely worn and I was breaking really hard into the corners. We made some changes for the second race. The team really understands me and the kind of rider I am.”