My Favorite Quotes
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 Mitch Corwin - “Establishing a brand in a new market is tough. It takes a long time to get brand name recognition.”
 Mitchell Corwin - “As expected, it was a messy quarter. Retail was expected to be fairly weak, maybe there was a little more weakness in the supply chain services than investors had expected.”
 Elizabeth Corwin - “For these women, the constant fatigue came first, and depression followed.”
 Elizabeth Corwin - “It was ultimately fatigue that best predicted which women would develop postpartum depression.”
 Mitch Corwin - “The trade-off of getting the Jewel stores is more than worth it for Supervalu.”
 Mitchell Corwin - “I think the offer is great for shareholders. As of the close yesterday, the stock was already at about a 24 forward PE, so I think this represents a pretty good exit for shareholders.”
 Mitchell Corwin - “Walgreen remains on a steady growth path, relatively unabated by industry or competitive threats.”
 Mitchell Corwin - “I'm not as concerned because the company is gaining market share relative to its peers and generating strong earnings and strong cash flow.”
 Mitchell Corwin - “The company continues to grow, unabated by industry and competitive threats.”
 Mitchell Corwin - “We previously assumed Whole Foods' growth rate would trend down precipitously after five years because we believed the company, similar to many high-growth companies, couldn't sustain its rapid growth. We think we are being overly conservative with that assumption.”
 Mitchell Corwin - “We have no problem with the board aiming for a higher price. However, should the company pursue the limited breakup alone, we have serious concerns about whether that risky strategy will ultimately yield better returns for current shareholders.”
 Elizabeth Corwin - “All mothers are tired right after having a baby - it helps them get the rest that they needs to recover and heal from the physical and mental stressors of childbirth. But for most women, fatigue steadily fades within the first two weeks of giving birth.”
 Elizabeth Corwin - “One of the problems with postpartum depression is that women usually aren't diagnosed until the disease is already established. If a woman's health care provider knew early on that a patient was slipping down this slope, he or she could intervene. It may not take much to screen for it, either - the questions in the fatigue test that we used took about two to three minutes to answer.”