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 Jon Corzine - “It's disappointing where the race went in the last week, ... Elections are about the future and that's what I'm going to stay talking about for the next three days.”
 Jon Corzine - “(Local governments) still have to pay for those services. Gas prices still go up, teachers' salaries still go up, pensions still go up, ... You can have the growth in the underlying value of property taxes exploding even though there is this so-called 30 percent reduction.”
 Jon Corzine - “We'll never surrender looking for ways to honor our local hero, who made it big in this land of hopes and dreams.”
 Jon Corzine - “I hope people are starting to get the idea that I've exhibited independence from the political establishment,”
 Jon Corzine - “when a Clinton is in the house.”
 Jon Corzine - “when there's a Clinton in the house.”
 Jon Corzine - “We ought to ban it from the school house right to the governor's chair,”
 Jon Corzine - “There won't be any state aid if we don't manage our budget in a way that we husband resources that we can do more than just provide property tax relief,”
 Jon Corzine - “We have not put our dollars into that system and the power of compounding interest is working against us,”
 Jon Corzine - “It remains to be seen whether or not development on the island would even be permitted under the Endangered Species Act,”
 Jon Corzine - “It is my absolute intent to hold the line on taxes.”
 Jon Corzine - “We shouldn't be so dependent on foreign oil.”
 Jon Corzine - “No family gets rich from earning the minimum wage. In fact, the current minimum wage does not even lift a family out of poverty.”
 Jon Corzine - “I never intended to cause embarrassment or never intended to offend. And I assure you that I think that these remarks, as said, are something that I have apologized for and I do so again today.”
 Jon Corzine - “He's in trouble. He's in serious trouble.”
 Jon Corzine - “It is simply inexcusable that we have a state government that again and again ranks low in public trust and esteem. In the face of all our state can be, our self-government too often falls short of what it should be.”
 Jon Corzine - “The short-term solution is to move the securitization of tolls so that we have the money to match federal trust fund dollars,”
 Jon Corzine - “I want them to believe I have a vision for the state of New Jersey.”
 Jon Corzine - “Nobody does anything in life by themselves, ... I need your vote.”
 Jon Corzine - “Certainly in Hoboken, Jersey City and Hudson County, in general, there are many grave exposures that need to be attended to, ... Obviously, the opening of the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, the transportation network, the chemical plants located in densely populated areas, the very diverse population that allows people to hide if they choose, and large buildings are just some of the reasons why Hudson County is at risk.”
 Jon Corzine - “I believe that you can imagine that that pain sometimes colors how people might speak to issues.”
 Jon Corzine - “We have both a legal and a moral obligation,”
 Jon Corzine - “This has been on the schedule for a long time. You don't get President Clinton on a 24-hour notice.”
 Jon Corzine - “I strongly believe that we as a nation can be both secure and free.”
 Jon Corzine - “I believe (that) the fundamental and traditional view of marriage is between a man and a woman. On the other hand, I don't believe constitutions are about taking away rights. That's why I wouldn't have supported an amendment in the federal government and I won't support one in New Jersey.”

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