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 Kevin Cosgrove - “I think this one here can be very good. I've had some great ones, though.”
 Jack Cosgrove - “It's good for everybody. There's a general feeling that we're all working together as a department and when a fellow student-athlete or fellow coach has success, it motivates all of us. There's a camaraderie between the athletes and coaches.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “I was the sort of loose forward who lay contentedly on the bottom of a ruck, composing sonnets on the one hand and, on another plane, contemplating applying the squirrel grip to an opponent.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “The last two have been pure hell, snow on the ground for months. But Gerry makes them go by quicker. Twice a week he gives people something to look forward to.”
 Michael Cosgrove - “We are deeply grateful to our customers for giving us this recognition. We compete with some excellent companies everyday and to receive these rankings is an honor.”
 Sean Cosgrove - “It's a boneheaded idea to sell national forest lands to pay off debts.”
 Michael Cosgrove - “A lot of the expansion this time is based on a legitimate need of the players to be in the market.”
 Kevin Cosgrove - “We bounced back a little bit today.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “I'm very relieved about the low cost in human terms with violence virtually stopping after our arrival, low cost in lives to INTERFET and our adversaries,”
 Kevin Cosgrove - “It was great to finally get a chance to get back out there and interact with the players in a practice setting. You could already see improvement in some of the guys from winter conditioning, and we want to continue to build on that progress in spring ball.”
 Jack Cosgrove - “Consistency is the word Coach Wilder has used. We didn't come out with a great start last week. We had a real run of explosiveness in the second quarter, but didn't finish some things after that. Play the play. Drive the drive. We have what we think is the makings of a good offensive football team. We need consistency.”
 Jack Cosgrove - “We're going to keep following that path that we blazed last year. You're going to see a lot more of the spread stuff, trying to take advantage of the field vertically and horizontally, and taking chances trying to get the ball to our best receivers.”
 Kevin Cosgrove - “I think it's obvious that we've brought some kids in that can play. (But) the biggest thing is these kids have been in the system now. This is the third year. They have a really good understanding of our system. I think they have a good understanding of how we coach and how to react to our coaching. That's the biggest difference.”
 Sean Cosgrove - “It is obvious that the timber industry and their political allies are looking for new reasons and for new excuses to continue to log public land.”
 Kevin Cosgrove - “I would say that in the last three or so practices, we're starting to see some quickness quickness in the different techniques he needs to use at that nose guard position.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “But that's what people have come to expect of McNamara in his hometown of Scranton,which offers up as many as 2,000 citizens, most of them former Notre Dame or Penn State diehards, into the Carrier Dome every home game. He's not a 40-minute a night guy, no one is at that level, ... But he has done that on occasion.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “He's not a 40-minute a night guy, no one is at that level. But he has done that on occasion.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “take one of the focal points of terrorist motivation away, and that is foreign troops.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “I think we've got to train the Iraqis as quickly as we can and to a point where we take one of the focal points of terrorist motivation away, and that is foreign troops,”
 Peter Cosgrove - “This is one of the most complex, challenging and most successful military operations we have ever run,”
 David Cosgrove - “It was honestly a bad game and I don't think either team played well, but anytime we can win it is three more points. I have issues with our maturity, and we haven't learned how to put a team away yet.”
 Sean Cosgrove - “This is a pretty major offensive to rewrite national forest management laws on behalf of the timber industry.”
 Peter Cosgrove - “I talk to friends in Allentown, in Philadelphia, in Washington, D.C., and they all follow Gerry. Kids everywhere love him, maybe because he looks like a kid himself.”
 Kevin Cosgrove - “The one thing about Steve, he's got a tremendous motor. But he still has a ways to go as far as his checks and things like that. We're looking for the exactness in his play, and that's got to continue to develop.”
 Michael Cosgrove - “There is a perception that energy is hot, and that there is big money to be made in the energy sector.”

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