My Favorite Quotes
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 Stavros Cosmopulos - “THE IDEA IS KING”
 Stavros Cosmopulos - “Make the layouts rough and the ideas fancy.”
 Stavros Cosmopulos - “Putting beautiful typefaces on weak ad .. Is likePutting make-up on a corpse it may look beautiful,But it is still dead.”
 Stavros Cosmopulos - “It is easier to penetrate your audience with one sharp, clean point or idea, thand with a maze of half-baked unremarkable, uninspiring ideas that will never motivate or be remembered.”
 Stavros Cosmopulos - “Cacomorphic' discordant looking arrangement or layout particurly in advertising and design.”
 Stavros Cosmopulos - “Advertising looks fun and easy to do. So does playing the piano, Until you try it.”
 Stavros Cosmopulos - “The two immutable laws of communications and advertising1 You must first attract the attention of the person you are trying reach.2 Then you must instantly pique their interest.”