My Favorite Quotes
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 David Coss - “We have a lot of big-city issues. I think that we always need to remember that, while we have about 65,000 inside the city limits, we have 130,000 in the urban area.”
 David Coss - “I don't believe people . . . should have to risk their health for their jobs.”
 David Coss - “Being dry in the Southwest, that's not an emergency. That's just the way it is, so we need to have systems and programs in place so we live elegantly in the climate we've all chosen to live in.”
 David Coss - “Right now, our economy is doing very well. We have very low unemployment, good job growth, good growth in gross receipts, so I think 9.50 is working very well. I would like to have a consensus in the community of what the next step should be with the living-wage law.”