My Favorite Quotes
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 Pete Costanza - “Unfortunately, he just flew back home to Colorado, and to ask the kid to buy another plane ticket to come back might be tough.”
 Pete Costanza - “I was real upset the way we had played the first half. We turned the ball over four times. We didn't finish plays. Macon is too talented a team to give them that many chances. In the second half, we finished plays the guys did a great job.”
 Pete Costanza - “Our number one thing was capitalizing on turnovers, but then we would turn the ball back over. In the second half, we were finishing plays. They did what we asked them to do.”
 Pete Costanza - “When you take over in the middle (of the season), you don't know what kind of groundwork was set. We were able to set the groundwork from the beginning (this season) on what we expect of the guys, how we're going to do things, what type of players we want. This definitely is the direction we want to go and feel good about.”
 Pete Costanza - “It's a big blow because he's our OS, but things happen. We've just got to come up with a back-up plan for what we're going to do and who's going to fill in for him.”
 Pete Costanza - “We were out of sync. We were missing some guys, and we kind of got ourselves in a situation where we had to fight some adversity. We had to have some guys play some roles that in the past they haven't, and it threw off our timing there.”