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 Chris Coste - “(Columbus) came out swinging, and they hit the ball hard. It's just the first game. Everything gets magnified on the first game. Things get blown out of proportion. It's just one game. There's a lot of games to go.”
 Sean Coste - “I think they got hot from the outside and started hitting a lot of 3s. No. 40 (Kristin Hein) hit a lot of good shots, a lot of jumpers around the basket. We were sending everybody to the boards when they were on offense. They're so tall and they were able to kick it out to the perimeter and were knocking down shots.”
 Sean Coste - “They did a good job. I'm really proud of the way we came back and played. But we have to carry that into all four quarters. That will be really important for us.”
 Sean Coste - “I think that we had a lot of good looks from Kara inside in the post. Kim did a nice job filling in on the blocks.”
 Sean Coste - “The offensive rebounding was good. Kim Van Dyke did a real good job of keeping the ball alive inside with her offensive rebounding. There were a lot of good things about tonight.”
 Sean Coste - “The girls fought back hard but they just ran out of time.”
 Sean Coste - “When our team was in position defensively and didn't get a breakdown, we screened out really hard. The kids were fighting for rebounds at that end. The Wolves did a really good job in the press. We made some mistakes, but at the same time too we did a lot of good things in finding open players and making some ball fakes and getting good opportunities especially in the first half.”
 Sean Coste - “It was a good effort. Their attitudes have been really great. They have to come back and work harder in practice. I'm sure it's a little frustrating. They've been so close so many times. They need to get over the edge.”
 Chris Coste - “Honestly, that was my worry.”
 Chris Coste - “People ask me how I hit that way, and I say, 'I grew up watching Kirby Puckett. He was the kind of guy who had that Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire factor, where he would go to other stadiums and people from those cities would watch him play.”
 Sean Coste - “Offensively, there were times where we executed really well and got some good shots for people. The kids were very strong in the post.”
 Chris Coste - “I've dreamed of wearing a major league uniform since I was 5. It's just the opportunity to play on a daily basis. I never had that opportunity to play this much. I always thought I'd do well if I had the opportunity.”
 Sean Coste - “The girls have been playing well. I know they were hungry to finish that and finish with four wins in a row. They played hard. The difference was Dallas ran a 2-3 zone and plugged up the middle and pushed on us in the middle and kind of pushed us out. We couldn't shoot it.”
 Sean Coste - “It was a matter of making good shots. We got good shots and they were a little short tonight.”
 Chris Coste - “I thought I'd have a good spring if I was given an opportunity to show what I can do. Finally, I'm on the radar. That's the big thing. If I don't make the team now, there will be a chance for me later in the season.”
 Chris Coste - “My main goal coming into spring training was to make enough of an impression so when they needed someone during the season, they would consider me. I never would have guessed that this would transpire.”
 Chris Coste - “This is the closest I've been. Even though it's still unclear, the one positive note is that I'm on the map. If I don't make the team, it will be disappointing, but for the first time in my career, I know there'll be a shot during the season.”
 Sean Coste - “I think the girls go into every game believing they can beat the team and play them tough. For many games we've been playing that way and it's discouraging to come up on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Then at the same time at practice these guys are working on things and staying committed.”
 Sean Coste - “In the second half, the girls came out with a lot of intensity and really turned it up. They were aggressive. We got to the basket a lot more. Danielle hit some outside shots and really shot well in the second half. We had some good defensive stops on the other end. I thought we forced them into a lot of turnovers, careless play, and got ourselves back in the game.”
 Chris Coste - “People see me as a position player who can catch, when I'm a catcher that can play other positions. That's a huge difference, and what I've been trying to get people to see since I was 23 years old. I think I'm getting to catch because I've been hitting pretty well and they want to see if I can handle it. There are plenty of firstthird baseman to go around. If I don't at least show the catching, there's no place for me.”
 Chris Coste - “Kirby was the first name on everyone's list. That smile and that magnetic personality. He was a huge role model for so many people in that area. He was a huge influence in the way that I hit.”
 Sean Coste - “It was a matter of converting some plays at the end. Too bad, because the girls really fought hard in the second half. It gives us a look at where we can be if we play that aggressively offensively and with a lot of passion defensively like we did in the second half.”
 Sean Coste - “I think the biggest thing was that we were aggressive on defense.”
 Sean Coste - “Everywhere else, like our defense, the girls worked really hard defensively again. They kept it a low scoring game.”
 Chris Coste - “Do they want an extra infielderbackup catcher who has never played in the big leagues For them to choose me, it's a bold decision. So for me to win a job, I've got to do more than open eyes. It's got to be a no-doubter.”

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