My Favorite Quotes
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 Ed Costley - “Two of the things that really hurt us was that slow start and our free throws. We only made 10 of 22 foul shots, including just two of 11 in the fourth quarter.”
 Ed Costley - “I thought we looked really good offensively and executed a lot of things well. And defensively we played pretty well too.”
 Ed Costley - “We had 14 turnovers the first half, so I felt fortunate to be down just by one. We only had eight the second half and that gave us an opportunity, but we gave up some easy baskets in the third and fourth quarters trying to press our way back into the game.”
 Ed Costley - “We came out really focused and that's what you have to do against a good team like Moberly, no matter what their situation.”
 Ed Costley - “Even though we only trailed by a point at halftime, I didn't feel like we got off to a good start. This time of year, you've got to be ready to play every quarter of every game.”
 Ed Costley - “It was great to see Whitney come out and play as well as she did. Our goal as a team is to give her as many more wins as we can before the season is over.”
 Ed Costley - “We were having a lot of shots not go in. So we called a timeout, had a little talk, and the girls really responded. They turned up the defense and the ball started to go in.”
 Ed Costley - “Moberly's got a pretty solid team, so we weren't expecting any blowout. They put a half-court trap on us and hurt us some, but we regained our composure and were really aggressive in the second half.”