My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Coston - “We humble ourselves every day because we remind ourselves we're in second place. We've played well, we've won some close games recently. We're always going to fine-tune, but we feel comfortable and we're pretty healthy. We feel good about our chances.”
 Kyle Coston - “We had three goals before the season started and they were to win league, win district and win state. We've already done two of those.”
 Andrew Coston - “The good part is you know that you can beat that team, but on the other side, you know they'll come at you hard because they have three defeats at your hands.”
 Andrew Coston - “We need her to be on the floor and when she's been on the floor our team's done well. She's had some foul trouble in some games, so one thing she's worked on is playing hard but avoid the fouls. When she's on the floor, she puts up the numbers, she's able to produce.”
 Andrew Coston - “We did break down a few times. Our man wasn't giving up many shots, but we had a few players get in foul trouble, so we switched to zone and they were able to find open shots.”
 Andrew Coston - “I don't look at it as a mental hurdle because our players weren't here three years or four years ago. They don't carry the history of that around, and I don't either. We've had some good things happen here and we haven't yet won a tournament, so we know we have more to accomplish.”
 Kyle Coston - “We knew they had to foul down the stretch and shoot threes and make us miss. It was big to finish like that. It really started to sink in when I was shooting free throws. It's still sinking in. It's big. It's the 2A championship.”
 Andrew Coston - “She's been a good shooter for us all year. We've told her to take more shots. We got it down to 15 and we thought if we could go on a four- or five-point run we could make it more of a challenge.”
 Andrew Coston - “They came out with a higher level of intensity than we did. They had lost to us three times before and they wanted to make sure it didn't happen again.”
 Kyle Coston - “We all love Cory. He's our garbage man. Tonight he was just doing what he does for us all the time. The guy never stops.”
 Andrew Coston - “We weren't able to play well in any one particular area. We weren't able to score for a while and we didn't play defense. That's a poor combination and the game can get away from you.”
 Kyle Coston - “Greg (Burgers) and I understood that everyone on the team had to have confidence in each other. We needed that to make a perfect circle. Something that Greg and I wanted was for everyone to feel comfortable and confident with who they were and what they did on this team. We learned that everyone on this team was going to come up big for each other.”
 Kyle Coston - “He always found an open spot. We rely on Greg and we have so much confidence in him.”
 Andrew Coston - “In the first half they had more energy, were more physical and they played harder than us in the first 12 or 13 minutes. We didn't compete as hard as they did. When that happens, the team that fights for loose balls (and) fights for rebounds is going to be ahead.”