My Favorite Quotes
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 Randy Cotten - “This facility is a place where a person who is interested in the subject of wildlife can come here, take a wildlife-related program and learn about a lot of different things.”
 Randy Cotten - “For the very first time now, here we are together on the same campus and we can work together in a team effort.”
 Lara Cotten - “I am amazed by the privileges people think they deserve when they haven't done the hard work. By hard work, I mean paying your dues. A nurse does not get the same privileges as a doctor and there is a reason why. It is the level of effort and responsibility it takes to get there and stay there.”
 Randy Cotten - “You will not only be taught how to fish, but you will also do aquatic studies and some aquatic research projects down at the lake. And that's a great benefit for us having Lake Raleigh close by because a lot kids at these schools never have a chance to get outdoors and see that part of it.”
 Lara Cotten - “For my generation the attack on the World Trade Center is the first event when we can collectively remember where we were at that moment. It is probably the first time we understood what it was like to be fearful for our nation and our own lives.”
 Lara Cotten - “People who know each other only by acquiantance should give each other the benefit of the doubt. Words and circumstances can be misunderstood when you don't know the whole story. Life is complicated histories lie behind people. Sometimes people need to do things or say things we just can't understand. It is not our place to assume we know all there is to know.”
 Lara Cotten - “Advice to students The higher your education, the more income you will probably earn, with better job security, better benefits, better hours, better perks, more authority, more autonomy. You aren't given these things, you earn them by degree. It's worth it.”