My Favorite Quotes
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 Sean Cotter - “KB battled for us behind plate. She caught both games she was pretty sick. Luciano was really sick out in the field, and our third catcher, we had to kick her out of the dugout she was so sick.”
 Sean Cotter - “Marietta is a good team. They finished 9-1 on their trip and will probably be in the top 25 in the next poll.”
 Sean Cotter - “We've always felt Heidi was a real good hitter, and she's definitely a feared hitter in the conference, but it just seemed like she just wasn't able to put it together for long stretches. And this year she's just been in a really good place, I think, both physically and mentally.”
 Bill Cotter - “The next jury will hear the entire story, which will include our evidence. We're confident that these young men will be found innocent.”
 Patrick Cotter - “We're not conceding anything at this point. He probably feels the way anybody would who is accused of terrible things and thrown in a jail cell.”
 Bill Cotter - “They heard one side of the story. The next jury will hear the entire story.”
 Bill Cotter - “They hear one side of the story and they almost always indict. The next jury will hear the entire story ... We're surprised that anybody got indicted, quite frankly.”
 Sean Cotter - “We took a real major step today (toward) being able to host the playoffs. We've still got four ball games to go, but we have a little more of a safety net to work with now.”
 Bill Cotter - “I don't think there is any chance in hell that there will be a guilty plea. I can't tell you about (everybody), but my client's case is either going to be dismissed by the D.A. or go to trial.”
 Sean Cotter - “We really were under the weather. We persevered through some tough circumstances and played well. That's what championship teams do -- find ways to win.”
 Brad Cotter - “Its been a wild year,”
 Patrick Cotter - “In the last several years, the governor's race in Alabama has been quite lively. I predict this one will be quite a contest.”
 Sean Cotter - “I think if you combined all the home runs we hit in the last seven years, I don't think it would be as many as we've hit this year.”
 Gerry Cotter - “It's not just you. There were a couple other people who had applied and weren't appointed.”
 Sean Cotter - “We couldn't ask for a better start. They kept coming at us, and they will be right there at the end (of the season), we know that. But for one night, we can relish the fact that we're in first place. And they're not.”
 Brad Cotter - “It is universal and has no preference for race, religion, age or even social status. Since music is such an impartial language, there is no better way to raise awareness and support for our troops and their families than through song.”
 Sean Cotter - “We laid off some of the high stuff. And I think the thing we weren't doing early, she was giving mistake pitches but we weren't taking advantage of it. Then we started taking advantage of her mistakes, and that was really the difference.”
 Sean Cotter - “I think we just get into a habit of watching Jaclyn when she starts dominating. And we have to deal with that. We still have to be able to play defense. We need to do a better job of defending the push bunt because they burned us on that a couple times.”
 Sean Cotter - “It was a tough crowd today. They had a lot of people there. I'm not sure she nor some of our other players handled it as well as they could have. So it was a learning experience.”
 Brad Cotter - “This project is just our little way of giving back. I am truly blessed to have the privilege to grow up in such a wonderful country. They deserve nothing less than our whole-hearted and undivided support.”
 Brad Cotter - “Getting to play for the home folks, there on Lake Martin, with guys like Jeff Cook, man it dont get any better than that for me,”
 Gerry Cotter - “My concern with the wood siding is it requires a lot more maintenance down the road, and there's no guarantee that it's going to be maintained properly.”
 Martha Cotter - “Calling the residential colleges 'campuses' adds to the confusion already surrounding the much-overworked word 'campus' at Rutgers. We already have the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses and the College Avenue, Busch, Livingston and CookDouglass campuses within New BrunswickPiscataway, to use the word campus to mean both a physical location and the community of students based at that location.”
 Patrick Cotter - “I'd be terrified to let the mayor testify. He's not a very articulate guy. When he answers questions, he answers in funny ways. He's Mayor Malaprop being asked questions by federal agents who want him to say something wrong so they can get an indictment.”