My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Cottle - “We've felt like we haven't been getting transition goals, so that's a big goal for us. We've been working on that for the last two weeks. That's an area we think we can improve on.”
 Dave Cottle - “We challenged our seniors to step up. At 5-5, it was their time to show they were really good. We knew we were in for a battle. We're not in midseason form. The only thing we had a flow in was extra-man offense. It's quite the X factor when your goalie robs the other team.”
 Dave Cottle - “For us, it's not so much who scores but how we get them. They're almost starting to look better. At times it was a struggle today, but it was one of those games that was going to be kind of difficult. I felt we ran well and played a lot of guys and I was happy.”
 Dave Cottle - “They are the only team I've seen out there that can outscore you and stop you equally well. They've really dominated ground balls. They've owned the middle of the field. They throw the hardest skip pass in lacrosse.”
 Dave Cottle - “You'd like to say something happened, this remarkable thing in the locker room, but what happened is our seniors stepped up. What turned us around was our players. We didn't make that many adjustments that made a difference. Our kids just played a lot better in the second half.”
 Dave Cottle - “We haven't practiced well since the Duke game, and unfortunately, maybe we needed a loss to recognize that. We didn't handle success as well as we would have liked.”
 Dave Cottle - “We thought Towson was in a good spot coming into this game. They were coming off a loss, so we knew we would be in for a battle. At times today, they played better than us.”
 Dave Cottle - “We just needed a win. When you go two weeks without winning, you start to get on each others' nerves a little bit .... We've been knocking on the door with the senior class, and this was a sweet win. It's a win that matters at a place that's hard to win , and we're very happy with it.”
 Dave Cottle - “We've got to win some individual battles on defense. We can't slide to a hundred different guys. We have to limit their transition and make them earn every goal.”
 Dave Cottle - “He plays the game the way it should be played and he respects the game. He's tough and he's dependable. You can count on Travis Holmes every game. Whether it be defense or effort or whatever, those kind of kids are hard to come by. When you get a few of them, you are really appreciative.”
 Dave Cottle - “I think we're a lot better team than we were on April 1. If that first game was a heavyweight fight, we got knocked out in the first quarter. This one I thought was a decision.”