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 James Cotton - “Greg and I just have this special connection. When he is open down low, he will say 'Yes' and I will give him the ball.”
 Richard Cotton - “You may just need a little tune-up, just like the same way an established golfer would go to a golf pro.”
 Richard Cotton - “I wouldn't suddenly decide to go for a 10-mile run or do sprint intervals on the track at this point, ... If I'm playing sports, I would be conscious of my need to be some kind of hero or need to show off.”
 James Cotton - “GMAC allows you to choose the level of rental cover required - its standard is 125 per cent of the mortgage interest, but if you pay a higher arrangement fee, you can get that down to just 100 per cent.”
 James Cotton - “This is an unusually short time for such a product to be on the market. But it was a very competitive deal.”
 William Cotton - “As I stated last week to the Chairman (Henry) I will repeat again, Do not take my vote for granted'”
 William Cotton - “I appeal that this commission allow those 11 or 12 organizations meet one more time however it may go, I'll vote then”
 Fearne Cotton - “Presenting Saturday mornings has been a dream for a long time. And one day in September I am going to wake up very early and it will be a reality. I can't wait.”
 Richard Cotton - “Anybody who knows how to walk knows how to use them.”
 Christopher Cotton - “We've been going back and forth. My wife likes something with 'laser' in it. Laser Trail Laser Corridor We have to work on it.”
 Richard Cotton - “It had never happened to me, ... And I've been running since I was 14 years old.”
 Richard Cotton - “By far, the number one reason people give for not exercising is that they don't have enough time. To get someone to exercise, we've got to help them carve out the time. Having a gym at your fingertips does just that.”
 Fearne Cotton - “I'm so excited about joining Radio 1. I'm looking forward to talking about music, obsessing about music and playing loads of music.”
 Charles Cotton - “The shadows now so long do grow,That brambles like tall cedars show,Molehills seem mountains, and the antAppears a monstrous elephant.”
 Richard Cotton - “There is some evidence that morning exercise promotes more fat burning than other times of the day, but the difference is so small that it really wouldn't matter, ... And if you're going to exercise inconsistently in the morning, then it's not worth it at all.”
 Richard Cotton - “In middle-aged and younger adults, it's probably not a big difference for them in terms of their exercise time. It is really their lifestyle and what works for them that's really important when determining your exercise time.”
 Richard Cotton - “We are trying to be on the leading edge of utilizing digital technology to make our TV shows available to consumers in as convenient of a way as we can.”
 Bob Cotton - “On the edge of London restaurants for instance are doing particularly well, it is the central core of the capital that is suffering.”
 Richard Cotton - “I think you will see lots of these discussions going on. Ultimately, these conversations have to evolve into some kind of commerce. The kinds of high-production-value material that's represented by network television or programs like 'Saturday Night Live' are very expensive to produce. There has to be some way by which that investment is recognized.”
 James Cotton - “This policy represents a major modification of the ambitious Bush axis doctrine. From being implacably opposed two years ago to any form of concession or reward to a recidivist violator of agreements, the US is now prepared to contemplate compensation and diplomatic recognition. North Korea is even free to reprocess further plutonium at its Yongbyon facilities, at least until the next six-party talks in November.”
 Richard Cotton - “You also gain the independence to work out wherever and whenever you want. People who are dependent on a trainer tend not to exercise unless their trainer is standing right there.”
 Fearne Cotton - “Her demands were outrageous, ... The Scoop.”
 William Cotton - “They have a right to pick and select who they want...and that's what I'm sticking by- their decision.”
 William Cotton - “I wouldn't dare speculate why. I know he's a good thinker and he's a man of conviction.”
 William Cotton - “I agree it should be left up to Commissioner Beck, but because of following the procedures it should go back to the community.”

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