My Favorite Quotes
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 Ted Cottrell - “They've been waiting for this guy. They're going to get after him good. He'll be singing after every meal. I know they've got something in store for him. There's been some pretty hot days out there. He's missed some of them, and they're going to let him know it.”
 Alison Cottrell - “A rate-hike response by the ECB would not have achieved much and would have been counter-productive in slowing European growth.”
 Dennis Cottrell - “It's not going to get better. With growth, gangs and drug issues, it's a major problem and it's not going away. We need to be ready and have our act together and deal with the situation.”
 Rick Cottrell - “I really believe it was an act of God that the house we were in wasn't hit.”
 Lance Cottrell - “Information bounces off a proxy that we operate. It encrypts all the traffic and scrambles the URLs, so there's no trace left on the user's PC.”
 Ted Cottrell - “He showed no ill effects. He got a little tired at the end, but I thought Darren played well. I'm glad to have him back. We missed him. He's a playmaker.”
 Ted Cottrell - “I like the mix that we have. You always try to get the perfect thing. You don't want too many guys too old. If you do have an older player, you want to have a young guy behind him coming up. I thought we were starting to get to that.”
 Ted Cottrell - “I thought they played very hard and were executing. We had very few missed tackles, which is very big this time of year. We made some plays, came up with some takeaways. You can see the effort was just tremendous.”
 Carl Cottrell - “Each time it's aired on TV, it brings the same reaction as viewed for the first time.”
 Ted Cottrell - “We used it quite a bit, and I thought it was a good wrinkle for us. I think it gave them a little bit of trouble adapting.”
 Dennis Cottrell - “Youd be surprised sometimes the light goes on and kids do very well. You never know what will catch. These kids have as much potential as everybody else, but sometimes they make bad decisions.”
 Alison Cottrell - “I don't think the ECB will cut rates today simply because they're still trying to get a grasp on what happenings in the EMU economy and secondly because the softer euro is doing some of the policy relaxation for them.”
 Carl Cottrell - “Since Friday, we have waited with heartfelt patience for additional news regarding Matt.”
 Ted Cottrell - “Another door closed. I don't know if there's anything out there. I'll just keep looking, and maybe something will show up.”
 Dennis Cottrell - “It doesn't depend on the number. We have to put the right mixture in the rooms.”
 Ted Cottrell - “They made their decision. But I'm not disappointed. I tell you what, I was just grateful they gave me an opportunity to present my case to them.”
 Alison Cottrell - “The problem is that the markets were so pessimistic at the start of the year that they now risk overshooting in the other direction. If these heightened expectations take hold, there is a danger that they could push up the euro too fast.”
 Lance Cottrell - “This is not a government contract. This is something we're just doing ourselves.”
 Lance Cottrell - “I started this company because I'm passionate about privacy. And I won't sit idly by while the freedom of the Internet is crushed and access to information is restricted under the thumb of repressive regimes.”
 Dennis Cottrell - “These juveniles are capable of success like anybody else. If they find something to read that really catches their interest, they will read with much greater intensity. You never know whats really interesting to them. We need things that really captivate them.”
 Ted Cottrell - “I feel we could have gotten this thing going earlier. I thought we had it going if we didn't have those injuries that kind of set us back. Finally, we got a consistency level here in the last six or seven games. Coming out of camp, I thought we were there, but we weren't.”
 Ted Cottrell - “We don't even really talk about it here. This is a new owner and they'll do what they think is best for them. I've been in this business long enough to know you can't worry about it because it will drive you nuts.”
 Ted Cottrell - “I knew it was coming tomorrow. But it came earlier. As soon as you know what's happening, it's easier to deal with. Then you can move ahead.”
 Lance Cottrell - “It was sort of a moral imperative for us to take action and do something about it.”
 Ted Cottrell - “He's a nightmare. He's an added back out there because of his ability to run. You've got to account for him at all times whenever he plays. He puts an added dimension in your planning.”