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 Jason Couch - “He's just had a tremendous season. Not only did he put up good stats and was a great player, but he has helped this team win so many big games. He's really played well in all the big games for us.”
 Chris Couch - “One of my goals is to get the Battlefield promotion, ... So it is on my mind, but I'm trying not to dwell on it. This is definitely the closest I've been since I got my second win.”
 Chris Couch - “I just tried it out and I love it now. I've got my home with me and it's nice to come off the golf course everyday and be at home.”
 Jason Couch - “Over here last year we had a heck of a battle with Male. Buckner hit a three to send it into overtime. I was hoping he would do it again. It was a contested three. We felt fortunate to get a shot off that good.”
 Jason Couch - “When you are able get the respect of your peers and they feel like you have done a good job, it is an honor.”
 Tim Couch - “I wanted to come out and win this game more than anything -- more than any game I've ever been in. I thought I played well, but I just couldn't get it in at the end. Obviously this hurt us. We don't know what's going to happen.”
 Jason Couch - “For a quarter we played like we did in the LIT, and I really thought maybe being in this place we could do it. But there's so many tough regular-season games in this region, and the last five weeks we just weren't as sharp.”
 Greg Couch - “But none of that stuff came from Bill Curry and his staff, ... just thought this was the best place for him.”
 Chris Couch - “I was hitting balls on the range the other day next to her, and she swings it really good. She's a lot bigger than I thought. She has a lot of power. I'm excited about it and I'm excited about getting back on Tour. My adrenaline was pumping as soon as I landed (in Hawaii).”
 Chris Couch - “Tiger was only 13 then, ... That was the last time I ever beat him at anything.”
 Chris Couch - “I'm looking forward to it. I knew she was playing, and I thought it'd be pretty cool if I got paired with her. I'm looking for a sponsorship for my bag, and it would be good to get some TV time.”
 Chris Couch - “You can tell she had a lot of pressure on her. She's got a long way to go. She's got a lot of learning to do, and as competitive as she is, when she's done we're all going to be in trouble.”
 Greg Couch - “I have no idea why he would say that. All the players had apartments. ... He said things we don't understand.”
 Greg Couch - “Several teams were interested, but his agent ( Tom Condon ) told him to rest and wait for the right one when he was healthy.”
 Joy Couch - “We've just got to go and do what we've done for the last three years -- lace them up and work hard.”
 Jason Couch - “I don't know if I have ever been as proud of a team in 14 years of coaching. I don't know if you could ask for two better games to start a new rivalry.”
 Linda Couch - “Nationally, half the people served by vouchers are off of them within five years, so there's been a fairly healthy turnover. But now, housing authorities are squeezed, and we can't keep pace.”
 Joy Couch - “We had people come off the bench and have huge games for us.”
 Tim Couch - “We're never exactly sure (how many boats and RVs we will have) because so many people decide last minute. It grows each year, and we expect it to get bigger this year.”
 Joy Couch - “They're an excellent team and they have an awful lot of potential. They have an opportunity to be right back here.”
 Joy Couch - “I felt like Nikki all night long took the responsibility of the world on her shoulders. I hate that for her because she's had such an excellent career for us. We weren't the supporting cast that she needed to have against that pressure.”
 Joy Couch - “I thought Lower Richland made it really hard for us all night. They did a good job of taking us out of what we like to do. We had too many mistakes.”
 Jason Couch - “That ball should be on a pillow Friday night.”
 Greg Couch - “You can't get those tickets. It would be a miracle if you pulled those tickets. If they want 200 for a ticket, they should write 200 on the ticket.”
 Chris Couch - “Some guys don't like it. But if she can make it out here, I'd love to see it. Look at what it's done for this tournament. If you're going to give anyone an exemption, it might as well be here.”

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