My Favorite Quotes
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 David Coulthard - “I don't have very strong views one way or another, but over the last four or five years, there have been so many changes and I am just nervous of continually changing regulations,”
 David Coulthard - “What's remarkable is not that they are having a difficult year this year, but how incredible their performance was for five straight years. They redefined Formula One,”
 David Coulthard - “If he's got the opportunity, he should come and have a go. If he does, he is going to have to start winning very quickly or people will start losing interest in him. Just because you are good at one thing, doesn't mean you'd be good at another.”
 David Coulthard - “Go speak to the FIA. There's a start system in place. As the lights started to change I went. It doesn't matter what the drivers think.”
 David Coulthard - “What can I say We hoped to get into the final ten, but we weren't quick enough. It's disappointing what we understand the challenge we face and we're not scared of it. We just need to get on with working to make the car go faster. From back here, it's going to be very difficult to get any points, but as usual, we will do the best we can.”
 David Coulthard - “He's undoubtedly one of the best drivers in the history of the sport. He is, I have no doubt, considerably fitter than other drivers who have become champions in previous years at a greater age than his. It really is a question of whether the design team at Ferrari will give him a package at least the equal of the next best car on the grid. If they do, then Michael will be in a position to win again.”
 David Coulthard - “It's even more difficult here when you're running in traffic. There are so many trees, the spray doesn't dissipate and you have difficulty seeing the circuit, which can be pretty horrible.”
 David Coulthard - “We face the biggest risk here of any circuit we race on. The danger isn't so much hitting the tyre barriers as hitting another car that has already spun. Visibility is already an issue and that adds to the risk. The spray does not clear. The trees hold the moisture. You cannot see a thing in the spray.”