My Favorite Quotes
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 Gregory Coupet - “We paid the price for mentally letting go. Maybe we thought we were qualified.”
 Gregory Coupet - “We could hardly have expected such a match. It's the first time I have suffered such a blow with Lyon. Now, we mustn't get too worried.”
 Gregory Coupet - “This team (Bordeaux) remind me of our side when we were chasing Racing Lens and we eventually snatched the title in 2002.”
 Gregory Coupet - “We look at the match on Saturday as an important step on the road towards a fifth title.”
 Gregory Coupet - “Bordeaux is a contender for the title. They have shown they are an efficient team since the start of the season.”
 Gregory Coupet - “I remember the match pretty well. Lens gave us a hell of a lot of trouble. They were strong.”
 Gregory Coupet - “Ever since we started playing in the Champions League we have been waiting for this match. At last, it arrives. I can't wait. The fans are excited, the ticket office has been under siege. This motivates us to do well.”
 Gregory Coupet - “We have had to deal with a couple of problems. Some training sessions were disrupted by the bad weather and several players got injured. It has only confirmed that the title race is far from over.”
 Gregory Coupet - “The French team is working well now. (Last month's 1-0) victory over Ireland has given us confidence. At one stage the boat did start to take water a bit and was starting to sink. It wasn't a crisis ... a changing of generations, establishing a new status.”