My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Harcourt - “India's gap with the rest of Asia is really noticeable in the areas of infrastructure and Australian firms have got a good reputation in this area.”
 Frank McCourt - “This is an iconic team in Dodger history. It's not just any other team.”
 Frank McCourt - “He has a high level of integrity, he's honest, hard-working, energetic, trustworthy, loyal, takes responsibility, accountable, loves and respects the game, loves and respects people.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “The biggest message I can send is my album. It's here I am, this is what I'm doing, I hope you dig it, and if you don't that's OK too.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “Obviously the biggest change is that it's me by myself. When you don't have another band interpreting your songs or playing them the way that they have, it's bound to sound different.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “It's hard to know exactly what it sounds like to me. I'm in the studio and I write it. and that's it.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “It's a very moody album, but everyone experiences these feelings and situations. I don't think everybody wants to eat toast all day”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “I think it's very cool to discover new bands and find something on the radio that you think is so cool that you go out and buy it.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “I never record anything like a demo, I just go for it.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “I know many people who grew up in the '70s, and my generation stopped listening to anything after 1979 because they're not into it.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “I definitely get affected by new stuff. There's a lot of older influences, but there's also newer stuff too.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “I am affected by what is around. I don't think many people would admit that.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “I always imagine later on these songs I could've played with a band, but it never worked out that way.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “Half the bands I guarantee wouldn't at this point want Nuno to open for them.”
 Nuno Bettencourt - “As much as you put into it is as much as you get out of it.”
 Edmond Goncourt - “Historians tell the story of the past, novelists the story of the present.”
 Edmond Goncourt - “Genius is the talent of a person who is dead.”
 Frank McCourt - “Initially I thought I'd write a novel, so that I'd have more scope. You can spread your wings more with a novel.”
 Frank McCourt - “I thought I'd go mad. At one point I thought I'd put a plastic bag over my head and jump into the Hudson River.”
 Kevin Bettencourt - “Last year wasn't as big an upset as people thought it was. But it's been a great ride.”
 Kevin Bettencourt - “I think it just helped us solidify last season, show that maybe wasn't as big a fluke as people thought it was.”
 Rafael Betancourt - “Every game felt like you wanted to do your best. After the last game, it was very sad. I thought we had the best players.”
 Kevin Bettencourt - “It was definitely frustrating. You'd think you see something open for a second, but by the time you threw it you had three guys there. It's amazing how athletic they are. They shut everything down.”
 Paul Bettencourt - “You don't talk back, I'll tell you that. I took my share of licks, but it was just a neat time.”
 Kevin Bettencourt - “I think we'll be more prepared this year. Last year, we didn't get back to the hotel until well after midnight and had a hard time getting to sleep with the emotions of beating Kansas.”

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